ITV North West: Oasis Runcorn on alcohol addiction

In this short feature, ITV highlights the struggle addiction centres in the North of England are facing, due to a reduction in government spending. Sharing her own experience, Helen, a former alcoholic, describes how she went to the GP several times when her alcohol addiction was spinning out of control. Unfortunately, instead of help, she was prescribed a dose of advice and told to cut down on her drinking. “80% of those with an alcohol addiction problem aren’t getting the treatment they need,” says ITV. In fact, despite the figures of those needing help steadily rising over the last five years, treatment services in the North-West have been dramatically cut. They clarify that since 2013 £6.5 million has been slashed from the local authority treatment budgets.

Helen reveals that she finally found the help she needed at one of UKAT’s rehab centres – Oasis in Runcorn. But many others are not so lucky.

Take a look at this video to find out more:

(ITV North West and Oasis Runcorn on alcohol addiction.)