In Aberdeen closes a detox centre

Beating an alcohol addiction can be very tough. Many people with this illness live in denial for a long time before they finally get the help they need. Sadly, many alcoholics do not even realise they have become dependent on alcohol until they try to cut down or quit, and they begin to experience withdrawal symptoms. Those who have become physically dependent on alcohol generally need to complete a programme of detox before they can start rehabilitation as this will ensure they can begin their recovery with a clear mind.

Detoxing from alcohol is tough, but necessary. Those who complete a programme of detox and rehabilitation are in an excellent position to move forward and go on to live a clean and healthy life with their loved ones.

Detox Centre Closure

Here at UKAT, we believe that detox is an essential part of the recovery process for many addicts, which is why we are saddened to hear the news that Albyn House in Aberdeen is to close its doors. This detox centre has been providing care for those affected by alcohol addiction for more than thirty years, but now, due to a lack of funding, it is to close its doors for good.

However, it is not all bad news because new measures have been introduced that will see those affected by alcohol abuse and addiction being targeted for support as soon as they come to the attention of the police or ambulance service in Scotland. Those who are deemed to need specialist support will be referred by caseworkers. NHS Grampian’s development manager, Simon Rayner, said, “These arrangements will ensure continued support for individuals who are seeking help with issues related to alcohol use.”

False Economy

With Albyn House costing the Aberdeen City Alcohol and Drug Partnership around £370,000 per year in funding, it is hoped that the new measures will be more cost effective. Nevertheless, Lewis McDonald, the Labour candidate for Aberdeen Central, said, “I think this will be a great loss to the city and I think people will soon realise that it will be a false economy. Albyn House has long provided a valuable service in keeping people who are drunk, but not a danger to themselves or others, out of hospitals and police cells.”

Beating Alcohol Addiction

Detox is vital when it comes to beating alcohol addiction, as Wearsider Andi Graham knows all too well. Andi began drinking around ten years ago and said that he found that it helped him to relax after working long hours. Nonetheless, when he was made redundant from this job, he started to drink more frequently and in larger amounts. He said, “Alcohol had, by that point, become my best friend, which was a terrible way to be.”

When Andi realised he had a problem with alcohol, he confided in his friend who advised him to speak to his GP. He reached out for help and was advised to either cut down or quit alcohol altogether. Andi made the decision to quit drinking for good and, after discussing his detox options with an addiction service, decided to complete the process at home. He was given medication to use at home that prevented alcohol cravings, and he was also given a course of vitamin injections. Andi managed to kick the bottle and took up running instead. Now passionate about running, he has been competing in half marathons and has not touched alcohol since his detox.

Severe Addictions

Andi was lucky that he had the support of his wife and was able to detox at home. Many alcoholics are advised to carry out a programme of detox in a supervised facility where they will have constant access to support and care to ensure they are kept safe at all times.

Here at UKAT, we would advise patients to never consider detoxing at home unless under the recommendation of a medical professional. Additionally, it is imperative that anyone who does decide to detox at home do so under supervision, as detoxing alone is extremely dangerous. For more information on alcohol detox, contact us here at UKAT.


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