Hope for Addicts – UKAT Client Reviews to Inspire your Recovery

The flip side to the destructive and painful story of addiction is a story of great hope for addicts in recovery. It’s extraordinary what becomes possible when people get the right support to beat their addiction.

Every day, UKAT clients successfully complete their addiction treatment programmes. They leave our residential detox and rehab centres across the country with a brand new outlook and hope for the future. Consistently, our clients describe personal transformations, improvements in their mental and physical health and discoveries about their strengths and support needs.

Messages of Hope for Addicts at Christmas

If you’re still suffering from an addictive disorder, if you feel hopeless or afraid, we want you to know this – most UKAT clients arrive in our addiction treatment centres feeling exactly the same way. Our clients often feel traumatised or angry about the past. They feel physically and mentally exhausted in the present. And they feel frightened about the future. Many just cannot imagine a life without their addiction.

This Christmas, we’re sharing some words from recent UKAT client reviews. People describe new insights and extraordinary growth. We hope you’re inspired by our clients’ achievements this Christmas. Please contact UKAT today to get expert help with addiction.

M Dorma, 14th November, Oasis Bradford review
“The staff and level of care at Oasis Bradford was exceptional. Coming in, I was very apprehensive but from the very beginning, I received excellent care and was treated with respect, kindness and compassion.”

Hope for Addicts that Recovery Is Possible

After years in addiction, it can feel like you have few if any, choices left. Bad habits have become compulsions that you can’t control. Addiction has stolen your self-belief and you’ve done things you regret.

Whether you believe it or not, recovery is possible for you. You’re more likely to recover if you get specialist addiction help. Addiction treatment can even be enjoyable. UKAT clients often speak of the great relief they feel, to find professional therapists and peers who completely understand their situation.

W Maidman, 6th December, Primrose Lodge client
“This journey into my recovery has been such a wonderful and uplifting experience. I never thought a life of sobriety was possible for me until about two weeks into my rehabilitation.”

Ben, 7th December, Sanctuary Lodge client
“I came into this process with no expectations but quickly found that I was surrounded by people who could relate. The staff were really helpful and supported me to settle into the process. I could communicate with likeminded people. I can’t thank my therapist Angie and all the other therapists enough for giving me the foundation to follow my recovery and rebuild life.”

Recovering Mental Health – UKAT Client Reviews

Addiction affects people’s mental health in very obvious and subtler ways – but there is hope for addicts to recover their mental and emotional wellbeing.

After years of excessive drinking or drug taking, brain chemistry changes significantly. Addictive processes such as gambling, sex and love addiction, gaming or internet addiction can bring on episodes of clinical depression, excessive anger or even suicidal feelings.

There are more subtle effects on mental wellbeing too. You may feel like you don’t quite trust the people around you. Or you find it hard to socialise sober. Perhaps you avoid people, places and things that challenge you, limiting your opportunities in life.

It’s no wonder that people often feel desperate and vulnerable before they start addiction treatment. But there is hope for addicts everywhere. Often within days of accepting addiction help, people feel their spirits lifting. Their optimism for the future grows, as they start to process emotions in healthy ways. They get a taste for addiction recovery that is very motivating.

Phil, 4th December, Primrose Lodge client
“I entered Primrose Lodge a broken man with a 5 substance daily habit and problems with rage and self-esteem. I shall be leaving a kinder, more compassionate man with a hopeful outlook on life.”

Dannii, 5th December, Banbury Lodge client
“I would highly recommend Banbury Lodge to anyone who is struggling with addiction. I am walking out of here a completely different person. I have never felt so happy.”

Lindsey, 18th November, Recovery Lighthouse client
“The Lighthouse Recovery has been amazing! I have a totally different outlook on life. I am now looking forward to the future, armed with all the techniques I have learnt to deal with my anxiety.”

Hope for Addicts with their Relationships

At the point of entering a residential detox and rehab, UKAT clients are often struggling with key relationships in their life. Friends have distanced themselves. Family members don’t know what to do anymore. Partners have left or are close to walking away.

There are no guarantees that accepting addiction help will save your relationships or get specific people back in your life – but recovery gives you the best chance of putting things right over time.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to let go of old relationships in addiction recovery – friends who still want to use drugs heavily, for example. Rehab gives you the chance to process some of the conflicts in the relationships you have – to find new ways forward, rebuild trust or walk away from further harm.

C.P., 5th December, Primrose Lodge client
“I found Primrose Lodge very helpful indeed. The staff are amazingly helpful and very sincere. It has saved my marriage and helped me to become drug-free.”

Richard, 20th November, Sanctuary Lodge client
“Sanctuary Lodge has been a life-changing experience. I came in without any hope of getting clean. However, with the professional help, I have received, I can now start my life again and continue supporting my family.”

Hope for the Future in Addiction Recovery

Addiction steals people’s optimism. In recovery, there is usually a renewed sense of hope for addicts that their future can be positive.

In UK Addiction Treatment Centres, safe drug and alcohol detox allows people to begin their physical healing. Their minds begin to clear too, as the drugs and alcohol leave their system. A wide range of addiction interventions and alternative therapies are available in UKAT rehabs, to help break the cycle of addiction. In recent UKAT client reviews, people write about greater self-awareness, self-confidence and hope.

Ax, 3rd December, Liberty House client
“I would like to thank EVERYONE at Liberty House who has showed me the way to live a life full of possibilities – free and liberated from addiction! THIS IS THE BEST GIFT I COULD HAVE EVER GIVEN TO MYSELF.”

Anon, 2nd December, Oasis Runcorn client
“I was very nervous and anxious about coming into treatment but I have found the whole process was quite easy for myself. Both members of staff and peers made me feel very welcome from the very start. The treatment has been excellent and I feel very confident about leaving and my future.”

UKAT Client Reviews about Recovery Role Models

In the early days of addiction treatment, often the hope for addicts comes through interactions with treatment staff and recovery peers. In UKAT rehabs, all clients take part in group therapy, where they can share their experiences and benefit from the experiences of peers. Group therapy sessions are always guided by addiction therapists and counsellors, many of whom are in established recovery. 1-2-1 therapy with a focal counsellor allows UKAT clients to talk about anything privately, which they find difficult raising in groups.

Mary, 5th December, Oasis Runcorn client
“The staff and my peers helped my recovery enormously, being able to share in groups and receive positive feedback. I benefited from the experience of staff who have been through addiction. They now carry a positive message of recovery to their clients, which in turn helped me to understand my own addiction more.”

Feeling inspired to get addiction help?

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