The ultimate guide to throwing a sober party

When recovering from alcohol addiction or just trying to live a sober life, it can be tempting to avoid parties altogether. But despite many people’s misconceptions, you don’t need alcohol to have a good time! A sober party can be just as fun as an alcohol-fuelled one and is a great way to celebrate alcohol recovery milestones or spend time with your friends and family in a healthier way.

Planning a sober party takes a little thought and effort, but it can be an event that your guests always remember! So whether you are celebrating the completion of alcohol detox or rehab, or you just fancy doing something a little different, here is the ultimate guide to throwing a sober party.

Friends partying with no alcohol

Be clear with your invitations

Your invitations set the stage for your sober party. Be unambiguous and clear; let your invitees know that the gathering is an alcohol-free zone. Doing this serves a dual purpose:

First, it ensures your guests come prepared for what to expect, avoiding awkward situations at the party. This is important because it will stop them from bringing alcohol or drinking before they come.

Second, it explains why you are holding a sober party, whether that’s celebrating completing an alcohol detox or completing a vital recovery milestone. Some people may know about your journey, so this can be a great way to share your progress.

Invite the right people

As you plan your guest list, it is important to only invite people who will embrace the sober party’s spirit. In alcohol rehab, people are taught to identify individuals in their lives who are potential triggers for their alcohol addiction and avoiding those people is crucial for preventing relapse.

Create a list of individuals who wholeheartedly support and embrace the alcohol-free environment of your sober party. This supportive circle can be the cornerstone of your successful recovery and ensure your party is a hit! If you have concerns about inviting certain people close to you, honestly explain your reasons. Hopefully, they’ll understand and take steps to support your recovery, making it easier for you to invite them.

Friends partying with no alcohol

Choose the right location

House parties are traditional go-to’s, but they often carry a strong association with alcohol. If you want to do something a little, break the mould and take your sober party to a sunny beach, a nearby park or next to a river. Natural settings will not only help to create a relaxed mood but will also distance your party from alcohol-related triggers and encourage conversation. You can even ask your invitees for location ideas to get everyone involved.

Throw the party at the right time

Timing can be everything for any party, but it is essential when throwing a sober party. Generally, consider hosting your party during the daytime or early evening, avoiding late-night hours often associated with alcohol-fueled gatherings. If your party is outside, an earlier time will also enable your guests to enjoy the sunshine and will allow for more party games and activities. An early, sober party will also be more child-friendly, which means your guests won’t need to worry about getting a babysitter.

Plan the food and drinks

With no alcohol involved, you can let your creativity soar when planning the menu. As always, make sure you cater to everyone’s dietary tastes (you can ask guests to inform you beforehand in your invitations) and provide a variety of fizzy pops, juices, and refreshing mocktails to keep the spirits high. Setting up a DIY mocktail station can also be a fun way to get your guests involved and try mixing their own.

Here are some simple recipes for some delicious mocktails:

4 mocktail recipe's

Play party games

Alcohol often acts as social lubrication, especially when guests meet for the first time. At a sober party, you can use party games to help your guests get to know each other and break through shyness. Think about games that spur conversation and laughter and allow everything to relax. Charades, scavenger hunts and outside sports can all be great ideas and don’t need any alcohol to create a great atmosphere. If there are children at the party, you can also play classics like musical chairs and pass the parcel or set up a pinata full of sweets (this can be fun for the adults too!)

Normalise a sober party

Throwing a sober party doesn’t mean you have to carry a banner announcing your alcohol-free life. A sober party is a celebration like any other, and normalising the concept echoes the message loud and clear – you don’t need alcohol to have a good time!

While you don’t need to make a big deal about it, you may be surprised how many of your guests appreciate the refreshing change. As long as you create the perfect environment with upbeat music, delicious food and drinks, and fun games in a great location, you can show everyone that a sober party is awesome.

Final thoughts

Sober parties are a great way to celebrate recovery milestones, meet loved ones after leaving rehab following your alcohol addiction or bring all your friends and family together for a great time. Get it right, and all your guests will be bugging you to throw another one as soon as possible. If you are in recovery, a sober party can show you that you don’t need to lock yourself away to avoid temptations. You can still socialise, have fun and enjoy your new, sober life. So, here’s to a successful sober party and many more to come!

If you are in need of alcohol detox or rehab, get in touch with UKAT today to find out how we can help you overcome alcohol addiction.