04 May 2017

Actor Tom Sizemore on the Addiction That Almost Destroyed His Career

Addiction is not an illness that affects those from one particular background, contrary to what most seem to believe. In fact, there are many people who appear to have it all to those on the outside but who will struggle with devastating addictions to drugs or alcohol and who need professional help to overcome their issues. Actor Tom Sizemore is one of them. The star of films such as Black Hawk Down, Natural Born Killers and Saving Private Ryan has revealed that he needed drug rehab after succumbing to a devastating addiction that almost destroyed his life.

Is There a Link Between Fame and Addiction?

Tom Sizemore is not an unusual case in terms of celebrities being affected by addiction. In fact, despite having wealth and fame, many celebrities will struggle with addiction to substances such as alcohol and drugs. It is often the case that those in the public eye feel under pressure, eventually turning to these substances in a bid to cope with life pressures. Many stars believe they can get away with more than the average person because of their fame.

For Tom, a crippling addiction to crystal meth, cocaine and heroin almost destroyed his career. After nearly a decade away from the big screen, he has now revealed the extent of his addiction, which left him struggling financially and saw his life hit rock bottom when he spent two years living in a squat smoking crystal meth all day long.

He said, “My life’s gotten a lot better, it’s been a real chronicle, but I’ve got a long history of substance abuse, I was in a really bad place. And I’m coming up on four years sober; it was really difficult, the first two years were miserable; I thought I’d never smile again. But I am smiling again; you’ve got to stick around until you feel better.”

Can Drug Rehab Help Those with Severe Addictions?

Many affected individuals believe that they cannot be helped to overcome their addictions because these are so severe; nonetheless, here at UKAT, we help numerous people to beat their addictions every day. No matter how severe an addiction, with drug rehab it is possible to turn your life around. That is exactly what Tom Sizemore did.

Having managed to get his life back on track, the actor is convinced that he will be able to get his career going again – provided he can stay clean and sober. He said, “I’m good at this acting thing. I’m a pitcher, an older pitcher now, and I used to throw 98 mph, and I still throw 98 mph when I’m acting.”

However, he knows that he must maintain his sobriety if he wants to act again. He said, “If I can’t stay sober, put me in a field and get rid of me; I’m no good anymore. Drugs are a progressive disease; I go right back to where I was before. I was ineffectual; I could barely get dressed, I was hopeless.”

Is It Easy to Maintain Sobriety?

For those who do manage to beat an addiction with alcohol or drug rehab, staying clean and sober is something they will always have to work at. Many end up getting involved with fellowship support groups such as Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous, attending regular meetings for the rest of their lives.

They will usually need to stay away from those with whom they used to mingle; Tom admits that this is not easy for those who move in showbiz circles. He knows it will be difficult for him to avoid the temptation of drugs altogether but also knows that he must stay away.

He spoke of how he recently met up with his friend Keith Richards, the Rolling Stones guitarist, known for his own struggles with drugs and alcohol. Tom said, “He said ‘Tom, what the f***, you don’t do any drugs at all?’”

Accessing Help for Addiction

Tom admits that it was after two years living in a squat, that he finally decided he needed to get help for his addiction. He entered a drug rehab clinic but says he did not get clean straight away. In fact, it wasn’t until 2013, after being hooked on drugs for around two decades, that he managed to get clean for good. He is now set to appear in an upcoming movie Felt with Liam Neeson and Diane Lane.

If you are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, contact us here at UKAT. We have a number of clinics offering first-class treatment programmes for those who want to turn their lives around once and for all. Our alcohol and drug rehab programmes can help you beat addiction, and our clinics are staffed by fully trained professionals who will ensure you are comfortable and secure throughout your stay with us. Call today for more information.

Source: (The Daily Mail) Actor Tom Sizemore tells how he hit rock bottom – addicted to crystal meth, forced to squat in a ramshackle house with no running water and beg Jack Nicholson for a $10M loan – but now has his health (and new hair)

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If you successfully complete our 90-day inpatient treatment programme, we guarantee you'll stay clean and sober, or you can return for a complimentary 30 days of treatment.*

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