Drug Addiction: Facts and Treatment Options

Do you use drugs? If so, do you use more often than you should? We ask because any concern you might have is sufficient motivation for you to contact us for more advice. Your use of drugs may just constitute misuse in a mild form, but it may also be an addiction. You need to know what you are dealing with so that you know what to do next.

The same is true if you are visiting our website because you’re concerned about a loved one or friend. Ignoring the possibility of an addiction is not going to help that person; only an honest assessment followed by appropriate action will.

The three most important things you need to know about addiction right now are as follows:

  1. Addiction Is Progressive – Addiction is not a condition that occurs with just one or two uses of alcohol or drugs. It is a progressive condition that becomes rooted in a person’s life over time. Therefore, the best thing that can be done for someone in the early stages of addiction is to create some sort of intervening circumstances that result in treatment.
  1. Addiction Is Treatable – There is no addiction so severe that it cannot be treated. Obviously, the greatest chances of success lie in early treatment, but experts can successfully help even long-term addicts.
  1. Addiction Is Curable – Just like any addiction can be treated, any addiction can also be cured. We in the addiction recovery community know that the cure for addiction is abstinence. Any recovering addict can learn how to make the choice of permanent abstinence.

If you are concerned about yourself or a loved one, there is hope. Drug addiction does not have to continue to rule your life. With the right help and support, treatment can be completed and the drug addict can transition into a full and productive life.

Different Drugs Cause Different Problems

UKAT rehab clinics welcome all kinds of drug addicts looking for treatment. But know this: every kind of substance addiction requires a multi-pronged approach that involves both detox and rehabilitative therapy. Having said that, different drugs cause different problems that may require additional medical and psychological treatments once rehab is complete.

For example, long-term use of opiates can result in both liver and brain damage. The liver damage is a direct result of how the drug reacts with liver tissue while the brain damage is usually caused by a condition known as hypoxia. Both create long-term problems that have to be treated medically.

This should help you understand why it is important to get drug addiction treatment as quickly as possible. The more quickly treatment is undertaken, the lower the risk of long-lasting physical and psychological effects.

You should know that there are times when the damage done by drug abuse is irreversible. Consider alcohol as an example. Yes, alcohol is a drug in that it has a psychoactive effect on the brain. Long-term alcohol use that results in cirrhosis of the liver causes irreversible damage to that organ. When cirrhosis eventually renders the liver incapable of functioning, the only thing that will prevent death is a liver transplant.

Different drugs may cause different problems physically and psychologically, but all can be treated. The key is to admit a problem exists so that treatment can begin as quickly as possible.

Drug Addicts Need Professional Help

Organisations like UKAT exists because drug addicts need professional help. Unfortunately, far too many know they need to stop using drugs but are unwilling to ask for help. Some know they have a problem but will not admit that their problem amounts to addiction; others believe they are too far gone to be successfully treated.

If we could let every addict in the UK know one thing, it is this: it is okay to need help. We all need help to overcome problems from time to time; the fact that you need help overcoming a drug addiction does not make you weak, inferior, or unworthy of support. You need and deserve the same kind of help we make available to people suffering from any other physical or psychological condition.

We understand that some drug addicts avoid treatment because of fear. They are afraid of what treatment might entail; they are afraid of what life will be like without drugs; they are afraid of what family members and friends will think of them when they enter treatment.

Other drug addicts avoid treatment because they are ashamed of themselves. Again, this is entirely normal. But neither fear nor shame should be allowed to control a person’s life. Besides, both can be reduced as a person undergoes treatment.

Call and Let’s Talk

Although UKAT is one of the UK’s leading providers of drug addiction treatment, there is nothing we can do for a person who will not talk to us. So talking is the first step. If you are concerned about yourself or a loved one, please call us right away. Let’s talk through your problems together. In so doing, we should be able to identify whether a genuine addiction exists and, if so, what kinds of treatments are most appropriate.

There are a lot of different treatment options, ranging from residential rehab to outpatient services offered by counsellors and others. The advantage of getting in touch with us is one of having immediate access to treatment rather than having to spend weeks or months investigating all of the options by yourself. If you contact us today, you could be on your way to a treatment programme within hours.

Drug addiction is a condition that does not discriminate. Anyone can become an addict if casual drug or alcohol use is taken lightly. But addiction is also a condition that can be successfully treated by experienced professionals; if nothing else, know that much. You can overcome addiction with the right kind of treatment and ongoing support. Get in touch with UKAT right away. We are standing by to assist you and your family.

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