Poetry as Therapy

23 March 2017

Poetry Is the New Addiction Therapy What did Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Pope John Paul II and Marilyn Monroe h...

Ben Affleck Reveals His Low-Profile Rehab

17 March 2017

It seems there is never any shortage of celebrity headlines concerning substance abuse, overindulgence, or rehab. True t...

What is Addiction Treatment Like?

13 March 2017

Substance abuse can often lead to devastating addictions. Once a physical dependence has developed, it may be the ca...

Doctors Are Human Too: Addiction & the Medical Profession

11 March 2017

Sometimes, it is the people that really should know the dangers of drugs and alcohol better than anyone who get addi...

What to Expect from Addiction Treatment?

01 March 2017

The first major step on your road to recovery is admitting that the problem exists in the first place. This is somethi...

Addiction Treatment – An Important Step for Your Family

07 February 2017

Most people think of drugs and alcohol when they hear the term ‘addiction’, but the reality is that almost anyth...

How Addiction Treatment Can Benefit Anyone with a Severe Addiction

30 January 2017

For an individual who has regularly been abusing drugs, often the only way that he or she will be able to overcome i...

New Plans to Minimise Drug-Related Deaths in the UK

08 December 2016

Drug misuse is increasingly common around the UK, and it is a huge cause for concern; many steps have been implement...

US Researchers: Non-Drug Addiction Treatment for Chronic Pain

29 July 2016

When it comes to treating chronic pain, strong painkillers are usually prescribed by doctors. Ideally, these are int...

Could Psychedelics Be Used for Addiction Treatment in the Future?

19 April 2016

When it comes to addiction treatment, there are a plethora of methods and techniques that are used by today’s counse...

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