26 December 2018

How to Beat Addiction This New Year

If you’re sick of addiction, then this blog is for you. We’ve got 5 simple suggestions and insights from recovering addicts about how to beat addiction this New Year. We hope you’re inspired to get help.

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From everyone at UK Addiction Treatment Centres, we wish you a peaceful and happy New Year.

Whatever Your Situation, You Can Beat Addiction in 2019

  • To the retired woman, drinking in the day, lonely at night – you can beat addiction in 2019.
  • To the student, smoking cannabis and feeling depressed – you can recover this year.
  • To the daily gambler, chasing losses but losing more – you can be free from addiction in 2019.
  • To the long-term methadone user, who wants a clean break – there is hope for you to get well and thrive.
  • To the successful businessman, relying on cocaine at work – you can change in 2019.
  • To the teenage girl, restricting your food – there are people who can support you.
  • To the busy father, addicted to sugar – there’s a way out for you in 2019.
  • To the young gamer, playing for hours alone – there is help for you too.
  • For the man or woman addicted to sex – this year can be so much better than the last.
  • For everyone, everywhere, who wants to beat addiction in 2019 – recovery is possible for you too.

5 Ideas to Beat Addiction this New Year

Stop your addiction before New Year’s Eve

“When I was using cocaine, New Year’s Eve always lasted for days. I’d come down with a massive crash on 3rd January. It was so predictable and lonely. I felt terrified to go back to work. Getting clean is the best thing I’ve ever done. I don’t smash myself to pieces anymore in the name of ‘fun’. I relax over Christmas and New Year. And when the time comes for work, I can look my colleagues in the eye.”

Why wait to start your addiction recovery? If New Year’s Eve has always been about excessive drinking, drug taking or addictive processes you cannot control, then things can be different this year. You don’t need to repeat destructive patterns.

Take the first step to beat addiction now. Speak to a trusted person about how you’re feeling. Pick up the phone to UKAT for a free and confidential addictions assessment, as well as advice on our addiction treatment nationwide.

New Year’s resolutions are a good start – but you’re more likely to beat addiction with help

“For most of my twenties, I made resolutions every New Year. I promised myself I’d go easy on the drink (always after one last binge on New Year’s Eve!). But always, a few days into January, I’d be climbing the walls. I had to have a drink to take that feeling away.”

Addiction is a mental and physical illness – it’s really tough to battle it alone. If you want to beat addiction this New Year, give yourself a fighting chance by getting some help.

Speak to UKAT about addiction treatment, there are support groups across the country or ask your GP for help.


Beat addiction with the truth in 2019

“In the end, sex addiction was Hell on Earth for me. It wasn’t fun or thrilling anymore. I was trapped in a vicious cycle – having sex with people I didn’t like, feeling guilty and ashamed, then doing it all over again. When I finally admitted how unhappy I was, everything changed.”

Ask yourself these two simple questions. What does your addiction give you? And what has your addiction taken away? You can write two simple lists – one for the positives you get from the addictive process or substance; the other for everything that is affected or harmed by your addiction. Think about your mental health, physical health, relationships, career or education goals and finances. Be as honest as you can be.

If you find this hard to do by yourself, then please get support. UKAT addiction advisors offer a confidential assessment over the phone.

Reclaim January as a month of new hope

“In my addiction, January was always the worst month for me – cold, dark, no money. I would binge on food to cope. Going to rehab changed that. Now every January, I celebrate another year in recovery.”

If you’re addicted and January is a difficult month for you, then it’s the perfect time to get help. Don’t struggle on in addiction. Depending on your needs, UKAT can arrange outpatient or inpatient addiction treatment to start in January.

If you feel overwhelmed about getting addiction help, please ask a relative or friend to call UKAT on your behalf. We’ll ask a few questions about what’s going on for you and we’ll advise promptly on where you can get addiction treatment.


Beat addiction this New Year in good company

“Finally, in addiction treatment, there were people who understood exactly how I felt. I was shown how to recover and live without my addiction.”

At UKAT, we always have a surge of enquiries and admissions in the New Year. It’s a time of year when many people dig deep and find the motivation to change.

You’re more likely to succeed in addiction recovery with people who understand and support you.

Speak to UKAT this New Year about addiction treatment, to give yourself the best chance of recovery in 2019.

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Our brand promise

If you successfully complete our 90-day inpatient treatment programme, we guarantee you'll stay clean and sober, or you can return for a complimentary 30 days of treatment.*

*Please contact your chosen centre for availability

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