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    What we provide

    Our UKAT facilities offer excellent treatment services for a variety of addictions. Our rehab centres across the UK include high-quality detox programmes as part of the recovery process.

    Addiction is a serious problem across the UK. Learn about the signs and effects of different substances in more detail.
    Detox is a vital component of the addiction treatment process. Find out how we use detox safely at our rehab centres.
    Rehab Treatment
    Find all of the different addiction treatment options we provide across all of our centres in the UK.

    Our promise

    If you successfully complete our 90-day inpatient treatment programme but experience a relapse within 30 days of leaving, we will welcome you back for complimentary 30 days of treatment.*
    What our people says about us
    Very worthwhile experience. A facility that has doubtless saved countless lives, not to mention relationships and livelihoods. I would urge anyone in trouble to give up the struggle and get to Linwood House at the earliest opportunity!
    Elliot09 Dec 2023
    Linwood House
    I can’t thank Primrose Lodge enough for all their support. They have really helped me to find myself again this time. All the staff have been amazing, thank you always.
    Tyla09 Dec 2023
    Primrose Lodge
    Nervous when I first came in but has overall been a good experience that I have benefited from.
    DH08 Dec 2023
    Oasis Bradford
    Thank you, to all the wonderful staff particularly Anna, sian , rhianne and daisy, kev and the lovely New chef 🙂
    CB07 Dec 2023
    Banbury Lodge
    My time in linwood house has been amazing, the staff have been so supportive and helped me realise this treatment works. The have taught me so much and just want to say a massive thank you.
    Louis07 Dec 2023
    Linwood House
    All aspects of treatment were great; Therapists, group sessions, nutritious food.
    Peter07 Dec 2023
    Sanctuary Lodge
    I found my therapist very supportive throughout my stay at Sanctuary Lodge, the food was very good and on time on a daily basis. The groups helped me thoroughly with the understanding of addiction. And set me up in my path for recovery in the outside world
    Ben Garwood07 Dec 2023
    Sanctuary Lodge
    my treatment was unbelievable, i never thought I would feel so positive and full of life again. liberty house has saved my life and I cant thank the staff and everyone in liberty house enough including the clients.
    ANON07 Dec 2023
    Liberty House
    its a life changer and saver, it has changed everything about me. i am sorry i didn’t go to liberty house years ago. everything here is as expected and more, very clean very helpful and full of information. i genuinely cant get over how good this place was and it definitely changed my life for the good. the money i gave was definitely worth it just for the information alone, but you get so much more which was a bonus i cant thank everyone that was there enough
    anonymous06 Dec 2023
    Liberty House
    An excellent professional facility that helped me be the person I want to be, I give thanks 5o all the staff and would definitely recommend this facility to anyone struggling with alcohol or substance abuse .
    &06 Dec 2023
    Linwood House
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