Luxury rehab

What is luxury rehab?

When you think of luxury rehab, you may immediately picture a ranch overlooking the Hollywood Hills , where the rich and famous go to recover from addiction. You might envision people receiving therapy near an opulent swimming pool, eating gourmet food and resting in king-sized beds. Is this luxury rehab? Yes, it is. Are these things necessary to overcome addiction and live a healthier life? No, absolutely not.

Accepting you have an addiction and reaching out for help and support takes immense strength and energy. Therefore, choosing a rehab shouldn’t consume anymore of your time. Therefore, this page will explain what luxury rehab is and the different types of rehab treatment available, so you are fully aware of your options and can pick the best one for you.

What does luxury mean?

Luxury rehab refers to the kind of rehab that offers lavish accommodations and extensive amenities to its clients. This can include things like spacious rooms or, decorative furnishings, swimming pools and spa treatments, professional dining etc. Luxury rehabs are often considered to be a more exclusive than conventional rehab services.

Let’s begin by asking ourselves what luxury means to us. Perhaps you think luxury is anything that brings you peace and quiet, or maybe you attribute it to fancy surroundings and expensive things. In short, luxury is whatever makes a person most comfortable and the same applies to luxury rehab; everyone is going to have different preferences when it comes to their experience of rehabilitation; some people may want lavish bedrooms and decadent cuisines, whereas others may consider luxury to be a modest home away from the city and in the calm countryside. Ultimately, it boils down to whatever it is that makes a person most at ease in their healing journey .

What do luxury rehabs offer?

Most private and high-end luxury rehab centres are backdropped against tranquil settings like that of an ocean, mountains or vast countryside. They often have highly trained therapists leading counselling sessions and skilled healthcare workers providing a thorough medical detox. Similar to other rehabs, such as UKAT, luxury rehabs offer various holistic therapies, such as the following:

Yoga therapy and meditation


Introduction to the 12-Step Therapy, Workshops and Group Therapy

Gong therapy

In addition to this, high-end luxury rehabs often provide additional amenities that many standard rehabs do not. These are things like:

  • Cinema rooms
  • Swimming pools
  • Personal fitness instructors
  • Fully-fitted gyms
  • Spa and sauna treatment
  • Outdoor leisure activities such as horse riding, hiking, beach trips, etc.

Why do luxury rehabs exist?

Such additional benefits are put in place to help residents feel relaxed as they go through their psychotherapy treatments. There are some obvious advantages to these facilities. For one thing, residents can allow themselves to take relaxing or invigorating breaks from extensive counselling sessions. They can also find healing through taking part in activities they enjoy, like hiking in nature or walking on the beach.

However, it’s vital to note that luxury rehab is not a bed of roses and may do more harm than good. Whilst such benefits offer more enjoyment, they also provide further distractions from recovery. Although attractive, such luxury facilities and surroundings provide us with a brief distraction from our problems, not unlike the substance abuse that put us there in the first place.

Is luxury rehab more effective?

We must acknowledge that people entering addiction rehab arrive in a highly vulnerable state, struggling to process their feelings and seeking solace in unhealthy coping mechanisms. People in active addiction may become distracted by impressive and extravagant surroundings and immerse themselves in that, as opposed to the life-saving and crucial therapy treatments they need.

Such therapies are critical for overcoming addiction, as they help us to address any underlying reasons as to how the addiction may have come about. Part of the process may mean delving into past traumas and allowing ourselves to express or release any emotions that are weighing us down. This is a cathartic process which helps many people begin to recover from addiction. However, it isn’t easy; in order to work through our emotions, we need to sit with them and accept them. Therefore, the fewer unnecessary distractions there are from therapy, the better.

How is private rehab different to NHS treatment?

People in the UK can attend NHS outpatient programmes where they’ll get a medical detox at a number of clinics across the country. However, these programmes are not as thorough or as detailed as the type of programme you’d find in a private rehab. Outpatient programmes typically entail a combination of one-on-one counselling and group counselling. Programmes involve the patient visiting a facility a couple of times a week for two to three hours.

Another option you can take with the NHS is to ask for a referral. This means that your doctor will be able to get your name down on a waiting list for treatment in a private rehab funded by the NHS. Sadly, spaces are limited, and waiting lists can be extensively long. If you really can’t afford to pay for private rehab, we advise you to get on the waiting list asap. If you need support, you can chat with The Samaritans or Talk to FRANK.

Why UKAT’s middle-ground rehabs are the best choice

UKAT has eight centres located across the United Kingdom. All of which are privately funded. Our rehabs differ in terms of cost depending on location, course length and treatment programmes.

We don’t want our centres to resemble a hospital, so we aim to make our homes feel as comfortable as possible for clients. However, we don’t have fancy saunas or swimming pools either. We understand clients need a combination of comfort and simplicity so we aim to make our private rehab centres resemble a little bit of both.

Whether you attend drug rehab, alcohol rehab or rehab for behavioural addiction, we strongly advise you to look at one of UKAT’s affordable private programmes. UKAT’s private rehab programmes can admit people into our clinics straight away so there are no long waiting lists. We recommend a twenty-eight-day programme where clients can get psychotherapies and holistic treatments. This way, clients can receive a middle-ground rehab experience, where they reside in comfortable settings, eat nutritious meals and benefit from many holistic treatments. All the while, it can help clients to fully focus on their healing.

However, if luxury is something that really appeals to you, you can consider our Linwood House clinic in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. Linwood house is situated amongst vast open spaces, where clients can take leisure in tranquillity – perfect for those who find peace when close to nature. Linwood house provides private rooms with en-suit bathrooms so clients can get some privacy.

Why UKAT can provide the right environment for your recovery

UKAT’s private rehabs offer a middle-ground approach to luxury. Although residing in luxurious lodgings can help you to unwind, it can pull focus from the work that is required to achieve recovery. We understand addiction is a serious mental health disorder that requires treatment from physical, mental and emotional angles and UKAT is fully skilled at tending to each of these effectively. Whilst comfortable lodgings are essential, we believe too much luxury can divert you from your recovery; UKAT’s main goal of rehab is to tend to the most crucial residency of all; your mind.

Let’s not forget the greatest luxury

The luxury of getting better and having a fresh start in life- free from addiction, is the real reason why clients go to rehab. Therefore, it’s important that the person attending rehab, whether it be yourself or your loved one, is ready for treatment and willing to give all treatments offered in rehab a try. Once this is established, it’s entirely up to you whether you want a standard treatment centre or a more luxurious one. Whatever you choose to do, we hope you find the life-long healing you deserve. For more information on our rehab programmes, contact a member of our team today.

Frequently asked questions

Do UKAT rehabs provide catering?
Each of our eight centres has a professional in-house chef who cooks and prepares nutritious meals three times a day for our clients. We take our client’s dietary requirements seriously; our chef will accommodate your nutritional needs.
Do UKAT rehabs provide housekeeping?
Each of our centres has staff who provide fresh bedding and towels and keep the rooms and communal areas clean and tidy. We encourage clients to do their laundry as this allows them to practice caring for themselves and be self-sufficient- crucial skills they’ll require post-rehab and throughout their recovery journey.