Methadone rehab

Methadone rehab treatment is used to help people break free from methadone dependence. If you feel like your methadone use is becoming unhealthy and you are urgently searching for a way out, attending methadone rehab is something you should strongly consider, given that it provides various successful methods of treatment as well as a supervised methadone detox. Furthermore, methadone rehab can give you key coping mechanisms to avoid future relapse. Read on about the many positive benefits of attending methadone rehab.

What happens at methadone rehab?

Methadone rehab provides a safe space for you to participate in numerous therapies and treatments to heal your mental and emotional well-being. You will spend some time in a dedicated rehab centre where you’ll be given a comfortable bed, nutritious meals, and access to exercise facilities. Almost immediately after you are admitted, you will be assessed by a doctor and then guided through and safe and supervised detox if they believe it necessary. Alongside this, you will work through healthy coping mechanisms through talking therapies and group counselling, which will help you build a positive support network to support you when you face methadone cravings. Rehab will help to repair your mind and body from methadone. It is not an easy process, but it is truly worth it if you are serious about recovering.

Do I need methadone rehab treatment?

If you are confused about whether you need to attend rehab for methadone, look at the following statements and see if any resonate with you. If you can relate to any of the below statements, it’s a strong sign you need some help to quit methadone use.

Since I’ve been using methadone, I display chronic physical symptoms such as:

  • Drowsiness, poor concentration, vomiting, problems urinating, problems sleeping
  • Since I’ve been using methadone, I constantly experience mood swings
  • Since I’ve been using methadone, I have neglected my relationships
  • Since I’ve been using methadone, I have ignored my duties, and I’m no longer interested in previous passions and hobbies
  • Since I’ve been using methadone, I feel anxiety and depression
  • I constantly think about my next methadone fix
  • I have tried to stop methadone use but feel powerless to quit

What therapy methods does methadone rehab provide?

Our psychologists are trained in all fields from one-on-one counselling to behavioural therapies such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), so that you can share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences with them in a safe and confidential manner. They will listen carefully before helping you to identify where the root cause of methadone abuse lies. As you discuss your thoughts, your therapist will pinpoint your thoughts and feelings and help you transform any unhelpful thought patterns that lead you to abuse methadone, and instead offer you new perspectives and show you healthy and effective coping mechanisms.

Another excellent form of therapy is group therapy. Group therapy gives you the chance to know you are not going through substance dependence alone. Whilst in methadone rehab, you will be around people going through similar practices and emotions as you are. It takes courage to share your methadone story with others; you may feel so low that you think no one will care or understand. Still, the level of compassion and empathy within a group therapy setting has powerful healing properties —just simply by being seen, heard, and understood by other human beings

Try to keep an open mind

Methadone rehab offers many holistic therapies and treatments; our advice is to let go of any prejudices you have and give them all a go. For example, you may think Yoga is not going to help methadone reliance, or you may feel creative therapies aren’t going to help methadone dependence. However, in our experience, clients usually surprise themselves by being open-minded. Yoga and meditation classes allow you to relax your nervous system and clear your mind, so you gain clarity over methadone dependence. Furthermore, creative therapies are a great way for you to express your thoughts and emotions (that may have been clouded by methadone abuse) and bring relaxation to your mind. These treatments are incredibly useful when undergoing recovery from methadone as they help to restore you to good physical and mental health, and you may discover a new perspective that can help you with your recovery from methadone.

Methadone rehab provides free aftercare

There will be times after treatment when you feel tempted to resume methadone abuse, and we understand that relapses do occur. Therefore, we are committed to helping you stay methadone free by offering free aftercare for up to one year after leaving a UKAT clinic.

Is rehab necessary for methadone abuse?

Rehab is necessary for methadone abuse because safely detoxing from methadone requires you to be under the care and supervision of experts. However, we believe the job is only half-completed; whilst the detoxification can cleanse your body of methadone, the therapy treatments can help to heal your mind and soul of addictive tendencies. Deep down, you may know you have a reason behind your reliance on methadone or perhaps you understand you struggle with your mental health. It’s essential to address these issues so you can gain control over it and learn useful coping strategies. With these things addressed, you have every chance of living a good quality of life.

How can I persuade a loved one to go to methadone rehab?

Understanding that you can’t force or bribe anyone to attend rehab is vital. However, it is something that the client must want to do. We appreciate how frustrating it can be if your loved one refuses to consider getting the help they need. But try not to lose hope. In our experience, you have a better chance of persuading them if you gently encourage them to open up to you by being supportive. Then try to educate yourself on methadone dependence so they feel understood. Once you have this open communication channel, the time will come when your loved one will listen to you more and consider the benefits of methadone rehab.

Want to know more about methadone rehab?

If you are considering attending rehab for methadone or if you have any questions or concerns, reach out to us today. You can chat with a member of our team now; they’ll be happy to go over any queries you have and advise you on the following steps to take.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I have my own room at methadone rehab?
UKAT has eight centres conveniently located across the United Kingdom; each has its own unique layout and many come with private rooms. Our admissions team will go through your requirements and find the rehabilitation centre with amenities most suited to you.
How long will I be in methadone rehab?
Various methadone treatment length options are available depending on what course you decide to take. Options include seven days, fourteen days, twenty-eight days, or longer. However, for optimum results and the best possible chance of life-long recovery, we recommend you stay with us for at least twenty-eight days. This ensures you get the thorough mind, body, and soul restoration you need to overcome methadone dependency for the long term.