UKAT’s rising admissions indicate a growing problem in England

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Featuring Philip, a Sanctuary Lodge Graduate Who Now Lives a Life Free from Addiction and Hopes to Help Others by Sharing His Experience

After a long and exhausting battle with opioids, Philip Hopwood found refuge at one of UKAT’s rehabilitation centres, where he had a chance to take control of the addiction which stole his attention away from his business and family. Through ongoing care and treatment at Sanctuary Lodge, he is now free from addiction and in a position to warn others of the danger these drugs possess.

The report below highlights that prescription opioids were responsible for 16,800 deaths in the US in 2016. With high doses of this medication being prescribed in hospitals and mental health levels on the rise, the UK seems to be treading the same path, with opioid-related deaths doubling to 75 in just four years.

Philip emphasises that he is lucky enough to be able to afford private rehabilitation, stating: “I would never, ever have got through it on my own.”

He shares his story with The Evening Standard, below:

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