Teenage Porn Addiction on the Rise – Will New Age Restrictions to Online Porn Help?

25 April 2019

Speaking to the BBC in March 2019, UKAT have shared data about admissions to our treatment centres for teenage porn addi...

Social Media Addiction – Getting Up to Speed with Addictive Technology

08 April 2019

Is social media addiction a disease? It’s a question being debated across the internet-using world – from politici...

Digital Detox or Internet Addiction Treatment?

25 January 2019

With the explosion of opportunities to spend time online, the digital detox has become a popular antidote to the tem...

Is Smartphone Addiction Dumbing Us Down?

29 October 2018

Stan Beer, co-founder of IT Wire, thinks smartphones are regressive – he says we’re becoming increasingly addicted t...

How Internet Addiction Affects Daily Life

06 April 2018

Most people do not associate the internet with the word addiction, but the reality is that many individuals have develop...

Young Generation of Internet Addicts

25 November 2016

With the internet now more entwined with life than ever before comes the risk of developing an internet addiction. This ...

Concerns Over Internet Addiction Among Youngsters

17 November 2016

With the constant rise and current prevalence of technology comes an increase in internet addiction. As the internet was...

Concerns Over Youth Addicted to the Internet

10 October 2016

For many, the idea that an individual could be addicted to the internet is an absurd notion. However, an internet addict...

Internet Addiction – A Growing Problem in the UK

08 August 2016

The word addiction is typically used to describe an illness whereby people are compelled to drink alcohol or take drugs....

Internet Addiction Being Led by Pornography and Gambling

27 April 2016

We often talk about Internet addiction in a joking manner. Some of us may even make self-deprecating comments about how...

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