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Alcoholism is an illness affecting millions of people around the world; if you are not a sufferer yourself, then contrary to what you may think, it does not affect those with no willpower or those who are morally weak. It is not something that affects ‘bad’ people; it is a chronic illness and one that requires treatment.

Thankfully, there are numerous organisations here in the UK and abroad offering first class treatment options for those affected alcoholism. UKAT is one of the UK’s leading treatment providers and has already helped numerous people overcome their alcohol problems. We offer a top class service that will ensure you have the greatest chance of a successful long-term recovery from alcoholism.

We understand that alcoholism is a destructive illness and that the cycle of addiction can be hard to break. For that reason, we offer a range of effective treatments in a programme created for the individual and designed to treat the mind, body and spirit as a whole. This person-centred approach will help patients get to the root of their addictive behaviour and help them to eventually overcome their illness.

Before Rehab

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The first step towards recovery is admitting that the problem exists; here at UKAT, we understand that this is often the most difficult step. If you are a sufferer then coming to terms with the fact that alcohol has become a destructive force in your life is tough, but we would urge you to face up to this reality as soon as possible so that you can begin your journey towards a clean and healthy sober life sooner rather than later.

For most people with alcoholism, detoxification is necessary before any rehabilitation treatment can begin. The reason for this is that all traces of alcohol must be eliminated from the body to ensure the patient can focus entirely on rehabilitation. It is important that those entering a programme of detox realise that this is not the same as rehabilitation. Simply getting clean does not mean you are better; you need to learn how to live without alcohol and this is achieved through rehab.

Types of Alcohol Rehab


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Although there are a number of different options when it comes to alcohol rehab, most experts would agree that residential treatment offers the most effective type of treatment. Inpatient treatment is intensive and concentrated and offers a structured programme that most recovering alcoholics find helpful.

Overcoming alcoholism is extremely tough, so this focused approach gives patients the time and space to fully commit to their sobriety in an environment that is safe, comfortable, and free from the temptations of the outside world.

UKAT’s rehabilitation centres are fully accredited and staffed with trained and experienced professionals who provide a top level of care and attention at all times. Our facilities are decorated to the highest standards to ensure that patients are able to relax and feel at home while overcoming their addictions.

What is Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Like?

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Most residential programmes cater to a particular number of individuals who have access to private or shared occupancy bedrooms. The amount of patients that can be catered to at any one time will vary from clinic to clinic. However, all of our clinics offer safe and secure surroundings for all patients.

During treatment, you can expect to live with other recovering addicts in a therapeutic environment where you will learn all about alcoholism and be taught the necessary skills to enable you to cope with sober living when you return home.

Most residential programmes will last for a period of four to six weeks. Many experts believe that programmes shorter than this do not give the patient enough time to recover while longer programmes run the risk of patients becoming institutionalised and fearful of returning home. However, for those with a dual diagnosis, it may be necessary to stay longer.

What to Expect

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Those recovering from alcoholism in a UKAT residential clinic can expect a quiet and supportive atmosphere where they will be given various treatments depending on the programme of care created for them.  Treatments may include individual counselling, group therapy sessions, 12-step work, motivational interviewing, or cognitive behavioural therapy.

We believe that those in recovery from alcoholism need to have access to constant care and attention and our committed and dedicated staff are on hand 24-hours a day to ensure that patients get the care they need, when they need it.

Treatment at a UKAT facility means examining your life and identifying the cause of your addictive behaviour. Our staff will help you to come to terms with your illness and will provide you with the skills you need to overcome it. We understand that alcoholism is a family problem and, as such, we encourage interaction from family members and offer comprehensive family programmes at all of our facilities.

Helping You to Conquer Alcoholism

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UKAT has a team of experienced staff working at our various clinics who have the skills and knowledge to help you beat your addiction. We will help you to break the pattern of addictive behaviour that has been plaguing you and will provide you with the skills to prevent relapse when you return to everyday life.

The benefit of residential treatment in a UKAT facility is that you will not have to worry about outside distractions or temptations. The ability to concentrate wholly on your recovery will mean you have a better chance of a strong sobriety and long-term success.

Why You Should Consider Residential Alcohol Rehab

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If you had had severe withdrawal symptoms in the past when you stopped drinking, then a residential programme would be advisable. Likewise, residential treatment is preferable for those who have previously attempted rehab but have failed to stay sober.

Contact us here at UKAT for information regarding our residential treatment clinics and programmes.

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