Where Sex Meets Addiction

07 June 2018

Most people find it hard to comprehend the fact that others can become addicted to sex. The very idea is laughable to so...

What Is Addiction Treatment Therapy?

21 December 2017

To understand what is addiction treatment therapy, it is important to remember that addiction is an illness and not a li...

Who Treats Drug Addiction and What is Involved?

29 November 2017

If you or a loved one is struggling with a physical dependence on illegal or prescription drugs, you may have often ...

How Addiction Takes a Toll on Relationships

29 May 2017

Losing a loved one at any time is difficult, but losing someone you love to addiction can be heart-breaking. This type o...

Could You Benefit from Addiction Treatment?

05 May 2017

Facing up to the fact that you may be in need of addiction treatment can be incredibly tough, particularly if you do...

The Tragic Consequences of Alcoholism

02 May 2017

The stereotypical alcoholic is someone who drinks alcohol from bottles wrapped in a brown paper bag and sleeps on th...

Unsealed Search Warrants & Prince’s Drug Addiction

20 April 2017

While most people assume that those who need addiction treatment for a problem with drugs take illegal substances su...

Addiction Treatment – What Are the Options?

05 April 2017

Addiction is a chronic illness that has complex underlying reasons and causes. It is, essentially, a mental disorder, an...

Drug Addict Returned to Dealing after Failing to Get Addiction Treatment in Prison

02 April 2017

Failed to Get Addiction Treatment in Prison - Back to Dealing Many people assume that those who are sent to prison for ...

Neuroplasticity: Re-wiring the brain against addiction

24 March 2017

Rewriting the Brain - Neuroplasticity against Addiction Our understanding of the human brain has changed a lot over t...

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