My Darkest Day in Addiction; My Lightest Days in Recovery – Summer Solstice

21 June 2019

It’s the summer solstice, officially the longest day of the year. With sunrise at 4.43am and sunset at 9:21 pm, there ...

Men’s Health Week 2019 – Men and Addiction, the Numbers

12 June 2019

Men’s Health Week 2019 is all about the important numbers – the health facts and figures that men need to kn...

5 Big Lies that Drive Addiction Cravings

09 June 2019

Addiction, a physical and psychological illness, is characterised by the inability to control the repeated and harmful...

It’s Not Your Fault – Sexual Assault, Alcohol and Drugs

24 May 2019

If you have become the victim of sexual assault while under the influence, then you are not alone. The 2019 Global Drug ...

Drunk or High on the Job – Attitudes to Alcohol and Drug Use at Work

15 April 2019

If you’re one of the 40,000 pass holders to the Lloyd’s of London building, then you’ll no longer be allowed i...

World Health Day 2019 – Universal Health Coverage for Addiction

07 April 2019

April 7th is World Health Day 2019 and this year the World Health Organisation are focusing on universal health coverage...

To All Mothers Affected by Addiction, Sending Love on Mother’s Day

31 March 2019

To mothers in recovery from addiction, young and old, we wish you a happy Mother's Day. Whether you're a day, a year o...

How to Beat Addiction This New Year

26 December 2018

If you’re sick of addiction, then this blog is for you. We’ve got 5 simple suggestions and insights from recover...

Hope for Addicts – UKAT Client Reviews to Inspire your Recovery

23 December 2018

The flip side to the destructive and painful story of addiction is a story of great hope for addicts in recovery. It’s...

Cocaine and Mental Illness – Why Have Hospital Admissions Trebled in 10 Years?

15 December 2018

Cocaine and mental illness – increasingly people are being admitted to hospitals in England with cocaine-induced m...

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