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‘SCREAMING ON The INSIDE’ is a new podcast lead by UKAT’s Michael Garnham. Explore the different stages of recovery, the highs, lows and everything in-between from a man who’s been there and worn the t-shirt for 25 years.

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UKAT Podcast - SCREAMING ON The INSIDE - Michael Garnham

Episode 5

It can be really easy to focus on the things we do not have and are unhappy with but making time to take stock of our blessings can help drive us towards even greater achievements. In this episode, Michael speaks to Spinsky who is five years clean and sober from heroin addiction.

Episode 4

It is essential to our recovery to have a high level of self-care as it will lead to longer-term success, happiness and personal growth. An effective recovery program requires replacing the use of drugs or alcohol with healthier alternatives. A lack of self-care leaves us vulnerable to negative feelings. This episode Michael speaks to Nuno Albuquerque the globally renowned Addictions specialist, now working for UKAT, previously working at the Kusnacht Practice (The most exclusive substance and mental health clinic in the world).

Episode 3

Most things in life take a village – start building yours. Fear drives addictive processes and thoughts, recovery teaches us to turn thoughts of fear into thoughts of love, acceptance and tolerance. We can do this by sharing our feelings with others and asking for support from those around us. When North meets South – a chit chat between Michael and Jason about the values of support in recovery.

Episode 2

A podcast about how to combat loneliness. Being free from the cycle of addiction doesn’t make us feel any less lonely. However, being connected and taking responsibility for our own emotional well-being, as well as having a sense of duty to others, will help us feel less lonely with time.

Episode 1

A podcast about how to turn limiting self-belief into opportunities. Our addiction grows in strength each time we give in to our fears and hide away from life’s obstacles. Structure and fighting the fear is how we win the battle.

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