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Those affected by temazepam addiction will usually require a programme of treatment and rehab if they want to quit the drug for good.

A comprehensive treatment programme will usually consist of a combination of medication, behavioural therapies, and holistic treatments to provide the best chance of long-term success.

Temazepam is part of the benzodiazepine family of drugs, and as it is a highly addictive medication, the potential for abuse is very high. The medication is typically prescribed to treat short-term insomnia, but many of those prescribed the drug will unwittingly begin to abuse it by taking higher doses when they feel as though their medication is not providing the same results as it once did.

This happens because of the way in which drugs such as temazepam affect the brain. A tolerance develops very quickly with temazepam, which means that after just a short period of taking the drug, you may notice a reduction in the relief you are getting from it. The natural reaction may be to then up the dose. Without input from your doctor though, this is classed as abuse.

Prescription drug abuse is unfortunately a common problem here in the UK, but with most people being unaware of what this abuse actually constitutes. Many do not know that taking medication prescribed for another person is classed as abuse. Then there are others fully aware of it, yet they do it anyway.

Whatever the reason you are taking temazepam, if you develop an addiction, you are likely to need professional help to get better.

Importance of Temazepam Addiction Treatment

Addiction is not a lifestyle choice; it is an illness of the brain and although it can be treated, it cannot be cured. It is also important to remember that addiction does not go away by itself. Unlike other illnesses, such as the flu for example, an addiction to temazepam will not simply pass without treatment. In fact, it will likely progress.

Overcoming addiction to a drug such as temazepam is extremely important considering the impact that it can have on the quality of life. It can lead to many health problems both mentally and physically and it can raise your risk of premature death through overdose.

Addiction can also have a devastating effect on your relationships with others. If you suffer from a benzodiazepine addiction such as temazepam addiction, you are likely to become preoccupied with it, often to the point that everything else in your life takes second place. This will include important people such as family and friends. It will also include work colleagues and anyone else in your life. All that will matter to you is the substance to which you have become dependent on.

As you might imagine, relegating the people in your life to second place behind a mood-altering substance can cause tension and upset. Your loved ones will not understand why you cannot simply stop abusing this substance and relationships will become strained.

If you continue to abuse temazepam, it may impact on your ability to perform well at work or even to attend at all. This will force your colleagues to have to pick up the slack and they may come to resent you for it. You might even be forced to quit your job if you cannot do the task for which you were hired, leaving you and your family members struggling financially.

With all this in mind, you can see why treatment for a temazepam addiction is so important.

Treatment Philosophy and Benefits

There are many benefits when it comes to overcoming your addiction to temazepam. Treatment is all about learning how to overcome your reliance on temazepam and living in recovery. If you understand the philosophy of recovery and what it means for you, you will reap the rewards.

Recovery is not a quick fix and something that you do before reverting to type afterwards. It is a way of life and is designed to change your way of thinking and acting so that you do not find yourself back on the path to addiction again later.

Recovery is also about allowing your mind and body to heal. During the recovery process, you will be helped to withdraw from temazepam, which will allow your body to get back to normal. Over time, you will notice improvements in your health and you will regain the ability to think clearly and make good decisions.

As you focus more and more on your sobriety and your new way of life, you will find pleasure in people and things once more and you will learn to love yourself and others again.

Getting Temazepam Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment is available from a number of different organisations in the UK. You can choose to access a treatment programme provided free of charge through the NHS or with a charity organisation, or you can elect to pay for treatment with a private clinic.

Not knowing how to access addiction treatment can often be a massive obstacle to recovery for some individuals. However, with so many different options available, there is no reason you cannot begin your recovery journey as soon as possible.

If you want to access a treatment programme, you will need to speak to your doctor or other medical professional or you can call us here at UKAT. We have a number of private clinics operating across the UK and we can offer fully comprehensive treatment programmes with immediate access.

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Temazepam Addiction Treatment Modalities

The addiction treatment modalities used tend to vary from person to person. Most rehab providers utilise tailored programmes that are made up of a range of different modalities. For example, your treatment programme might include a combination of behaviour modification, holistic treatment, and medication.

Behaviour modification includes therapies such as cognitive behaviour therapy and dialectical behaviour therapy and is used to replace maladaptive behaviours with healthy ones. Medication is also often used as a treatment for benzodiazepine addiction, particularly during the detox process when it is used to either prevent withdrawal symptoms from occurring or when it is used to relieve the symptoms of those that do occur.

Holistic treatments like meditation, yoga, and art therapy are often used as a way to complement behaviour modification and can help to heal the mind, body, and spirit. The idea is that by taking a whole-person approach, there is a greater opportunity for long-term sobriety.

It is likely that during your treatment programme, you will have both individual and group therapy sessions. Individual counselling will allow you to develop a close relationship with your therapist and you will work on issues that relate to you and your individual circumstances. These sessions will provide the perfect opportunity for you to work together to identify the cause of your illness.

In group therapy sessions, you will work on the premise that sharing and supporting is beneficial to recovery. In a group setting, various issues relating to addiction will be discussed and everyone will get the chance to discuss their feelings as well as share their stories if they wish. You will also have the opportunity to put strategies that you have learned into practice with other members of the group.

Risks of Treatment

When it comes to temazepam treatment, the greatest risk is associated with withdrawal from the drug. Quitting temazepam can lead to serious side effects that can even be life-threatening if not managed correctly.

Benzodiazepines are notoriously difficult to withdraw from because of the risk of complications and severe withdrawal symptoms. It is therefore never recommended that you quit your medication without supervision. The safest place to detox from temazepam is within a supervised medical clinic where staff will be able to react in case of an emergency.

Effective Treatment for Temazepam Addiction

A comprehensive recovery programme is considered to be the most effective way of treating temazepam addiction. That being said, your treatment programme should be unique to you and your needs.

It used to be the case that treatment for addiction was the same for everyone, but these days treatment providers are aware of the need to tailor programmes to the individual. This means that when you are treated for a temazepam addiction, you will be provided with a full assessment prior to beginning any programme.

This assessment will take several factors into consideration including your likes, dislikes, the severity of your illness, and your personality. This is the best way to ensure that the right programme is created.

To fully overcome your addiction, it is likely that you will need to complete a detox programme in the first instance. This will then be followed by a rehabilitation programme designed around your needs.

Inpatient Temazepam Treatment

Due to the complications associated with temazepam treatment, and detox in particular, it is often preferable to consider a residential programme where you will be under constant supervision. Inpatient programmes are a good option for those who believe they will struggle to stay sober at home.

In an inpatient facility, there are no distractions and no temptations. You will be immersed in a recovery programme whereby you will spend every day in treatment. You will learn all about your illness and what it takes to beat it and you will be taught valuable skills for coping with stressful life situations without resorting to substance abuse.

For the most part, inpatient programmes are provided by private clinics here in the UK, although some residential beds are offered by charity organisations for those deemed most in need.

Inpatient programmes are the most time-consuming and intensive approach to addiction recovery and typically take place over the course of four to twelve weeks. Shorter programmes are usually sufficient for those with less severe addictions, but those with more complex requirements tend to need longer stays.

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Outpatient Temazepam Treatment

Outpatient programmes differ in that there is no need for an overnight stay. The programme is much less intensive and takes place over a much longer period. So instead of moving into the rehab clinic, you would attend counselling sessions on a regular basis before returning home after each session.

Although an inpatient programme is less intensive, and you would need to deal with the issues and challenges of daily life, some believe it is a better way to recover as it is more true to life and there is less adjustment needed when the programme ends.

Nevertheless, to succeed with an outpatient programme, you would need to have a great desire to succeed and the motivation to stick with the programme, despite having to continue with daily life at the same time.

Outpatient programmes are typically provided by the NHS and charity organisations, although some private counsellors also offer treatment for addiction on a day care basis. Although most outpatient programmes are free, they do tend to come with a long waiting time before the first appointment.

Temazepam Rehab

Rehabilitation is all about helping you to deal with the psychological side of your illness. The aim of temazepam rehab is to facilitate your recovery through therapeutic means. When you have tackled the physical element of your addiction and are clean and sober, you will be able to get started on working towards long-term sobriety and how to maintain it. This is what temazepam rehab is all about.

Rehab can help you to learn the valuable skills that you will need to meet the challenges that life faces without a return to substance use. You will learn how to challenge your thoughts and behaviours and develop new ways of thinking and acting that will result in a positive and healthier outcome.


Family therapy and group therapies handle your emotions and the way you communicate to those around you.


CBT and DBT will help you solve those issues that cause you to reach out not to your loved ones and the medical professionals, but to drugs.


Various therapies such as art and music will help you learn new methods for calming down your nerves, handling anxiety episodes and communicating your emotions to your loved ones.

Temazepam rehab can help you recover from your illness but it can also help your family members who will have no doubt been affected too. Family therapy often forms a vital part of the recovery process and allows for all members to deal with the issues that have been affecting them directly and indirectly.

Choosing the Best Inpatient Temazepam Rehab

If an inpatient treatment programme is something that you believe you would benefit from, it makes sense that you would want to choose the best one for your situation and circumstances. To do this, you might need some help as finding an inpatient rehab to suit is not always as easy as it sounds.

There is a lot to think about before deciding on the right inpatient programme. You are unlikely to know what you should be looking for in a good provider unless you already have some experience with addiction recovery.

With so many different inpatient programmes across the UK, you will certainly have plenty to choose from, but it is crucial that you find one that meets your needs and preferences. For example, is location important to you? Maybe you would prefer a clinic that is situated near your home so that your family can visit. Alternatively, perhaps the idea of being away from your own familiar area is something that appeals to you.

A good inpatient centre will have a philosophy where patient wellbeing comes before anything else. It will come before financial issues and staff convenience. The best way to determine if a clinic you are considering has a patient-first approach is to look for reviews and testimonials from previous patients.

Although this should go without saying, it is a good idea to make sure that the clinic you are considering adopts a medical approach to addiction and sees patients as sick people who need treatment to get well again and not as bad people who need to be reformed.

If you need a detox and rehabilitation programme, it might make sense to choose an inpatient facility that can offer both. Completing detox and rehabilitation with the same people will mean better care. There will be no conflicting philosophies and there will be no delay between each part of the programme, giving you less chance of getting distracted on the way from detox to rehab.

Residential Treatment Centres vs. Outpatient Services

With the end goal of both residential and outpatient programmes the same, you might be wondering what the main differences are. The answer is really in how they are run and how intensive each is.

For example, if you want to get started on a programme of recovery as soon as possible and have the best chance for permanent recovery in the shortest amount of time, an inpatient programme is your best choice. This is because most inpatient programmes are provided by private clinics and as such, are not limited by funding issues. They do not usually have waiting lists in the same way that free outpatient programmes provided by the NHS and charities do.

As inpatient facilities condense their programmes over the course of four to twelve weeks, treatment is intensive. You will be expected to move into the clinic and spend most of your day learning about your illness and how to recover from it. With an outpatient programme, the approach is less rigorous and therefore takes place over a far longer period.

Private Temazepam Rehabs and Confidentiality

Your privacy is important to us here at UKAT and as a provider of private rehab programmes, we go the extra mile to ensure that we offer a confidential service. Many of our treatment clinics are located in rural settings to ensure your privacy, and we operate a strict policy of complete confidentiality among our staff.

It is understandable that you might want to keep your private life private, and if you are dealing with an addiction to temazepam, you may not want others to know about it. We completely respect this decision and want to assure you that we will never discuss your case with anyone other than you, without your consent. Nor will we share your details with a third party without your permission.

How Long Does Inpatient Temazepam Rehabilitation Take?

Many people are curious to know how long their rehab programme will take, but it all depends on your situation. Programmes tend to last for four to six weeks for the most part, but they can be longer if necessary.

If, for example, you have been abusing temazepam with another substance such as alcohol or illegal opiates, you might have more complex needs that would need a more comprehensive recovery programme. The same might be said if you were struggling with temazepam addiction and a mental health problem.

The length of your detox may also play a role in the duration of your programme. Your doctors may decide that a rapid detoxification programme is a good fit for you, and this would normally last for between one and two weeks. Nonetheless, it may be the case that you are advised to reduce your dosage of temazepam over a longer period, meaning that your inpatient programme is longer than normal.

How you respond to treatment can also influence the length of an inpatient programme. If you are struggling to adjust to a programme of recovery, your programme may need to be altered to suit you better.

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What Happens During Treatment

It is natural to wonder what happens during treatment before you consider signing up. If this is the first time you have considered a treatment programme for addiction, then you would not have had any experience or indeed any idea of what to expect.

Although every clinic is different in terms of the way in which they run things, most do follow a similar pattern. Rules and schedules will be determined by those who run the clinic, and whereas in some clinics you will have some free time every day, in others, almost every spare moment will be occupied with treatment or recovery-based activities.

Although you will receive your own treatment plan with a programme based on your requirements, you will follow a similar daily routine to other patients. This routine is likely to be made up of meals in the shared dining room, with individual and group therapy sessions interspersed with holistic treatments in between. You may also be given time to get familiar with recovery materials such as videos, podcasts, books, and computer courses.

Paying for Temazepam Addiction Treatment

In the UK, you have the option of free treatment for addiction or paying for a private programme. NHS-run programmes are free, as are most charity-run programmes, but these organisations tend to offer outpatient programmes only.

Furthermore, because they usually come with a long waiting time before a place becomes available, they may not be the best choice. This is particularly the case if you are ready to get started on your recovery journey and do not want to face a delay where you will have ample opportunity to change your mind.

The cost of private inpatient treatment programmes varies from one clinic to the next, but the typical average price range for a 28-day programme is between £4,000 and £6,000. Although this might seem a lot at first glance, it is worth considering the savings that you will make and the opportunity to get your finances back on track when you are no longer living under the weight of addiction.

At the moment, your addiction is likely having a detrimental impact on your entire life and on your ability to function properly. When you get sober and start learning how to live a substance-free life, you will have plenty of opportunities to recoup the money you have spent on private treatment.

Treatment Near Home vs. Different County or City

Where you get treated for addiction is really a matter of preference. You can choose a local rehab clinic, which will afford you many benefits. The first being that you will be near to the clinic when your programme comes to an end; this will mean being able to take advantage of any aftercare support that is included.

Another benefit is the fact that your family and friends will find it easier to get to the clinic to visit you and to take part in family therapy sessions, which are often seen as an essential part of the recovery process. And finally, you may benefit from back-to-work schemes provided by local employers; if you were recovering in a clinic in another county or city, these schemes might be inappropriate for you.

On the other hand, you might find that getting away from your local area gives you the chance to start your journey with a fresh mind, which could be what you need to make the most of your programme. You might also like the fact that a programme away from home affords you a measure of privacy and anonymity, which you might not get in your hometown.

Temazepam Therapy Options

Therapy for a temazepam addiction varies from one person to the next, depending on several factors. While your programme may contain elements of group therapy and individual counselling as well as holistic therapies, it will be tailored to you and your needs so that it is the most effective programme for you. It is impossible to tell exactly which treatments will be used, but your programme is likely to contain elements of some of the following:

  • one-to-one counselling
  • group therapy
  • 12-step work
  • dialectical behaviour therapy
  • cognitive behavioural therapy
  • contingency management
  • motivational interviewing
  • hypnotherapy
  • psychotherapy
  • experiential therapy
  • psychodynamic therapy
  • acceptance and commitment therapy
  • meditation
  • art therapy
  • mindful fitness
  • music therapy
  • animal-assisted therapy
  • sports and nutrition

You may also take part in workshops and seminars that deal with relapse prevention and the development of life and work skills. This comprehensive approach to recovery will provide you with the foundation you need for a return to independent sober living.

Is There Medication-Assisted Therapy for Temazepam?

While medication-assisted therapy is typically used for alcohol or opioid addiction, there are some medications that may be used during treatment for a temazepam addiction. These medications include substitute benzodiazepines that are longer acting and can therefore reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms or prevent the worst symptoms from occurring.

Other medications such as flumazenil can help with a rapid detoxification by helping the body to eliminate the temazepam from your system and by preventing some symptoms from occurring.

Individual and Group Therapy for Temazepam Addiction Treatment

During rehab, you are likely to have both individual and group therapy sessions. Individual counselling can take a few different forms and utilises various talking and behavioural therapies. The benefit of individual therapy is the fact that it provides a safe and supportive environment in which you can be open and honest about your problems.

Establishing a trusting relationship with your counsellor is important as it will allow you to be completely open about the issues that are affecting you and that may be driving your addictive behaviour. In these sessions, you can discuss the issues that are personal to your own situation and you will be taught new skills that you can use to overcome your illness. These new skills can then be implemented in everyday life situations to prevent a relapse when your programme comes to an end.

Group therapy sessions are also an important part of the recovery process. These sessions take place with other recovering addicts and one or more therapists. Although most people are reluctant to take part initially, most find these sessions to be very therapeutic as they provide the opportunity to share stories and experiences as well as learning from each other’s mistakes.

Group sessions have proven time and again to work and are at the heart of hugely successful groups such as AA and NA.

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Dialectical Behaviour Therapy for Temazepam Addiction

Talking and behavioural therapies have an important role to play when it comes to overcoming addiction. You may find that dialectical behaviour therapy is used as part of your treatment programme because it is an effective way of helping you to overcome the emotional issues that are associated with your illness.

DBT is based on the idea behind cognitive behavioural therapy in that thoughts and emotions can drive actions. But because temazepam addiction is closely linked with mental health problems, a more complex treatment approach is required, and this is where this therapy has been specifically adapted. While it works in a similar way to CBT, DBT has been altered to suit people who experience intense emotional issues.

You will be encouraged to learn to accept yourself while at the same time learning how to change some of your negative thoughts and actions. DBT can be used during both individual and group sessions. In one-to-one sessions, you might discuss ways of changing your behaviour and in your group sessions you will be given the opportunity to put what you have learned into practice.

What to Expect from Temazepam Treatment and Rehab

When you start a programme of treatment and rehab for a temazepam addiction, you may be wondering what to expect. With little knowledge or understanding of the process, you might have unrealistic expectations.

What you can expect is a lot of hard work and a requirement for you to take responsibility for your own recovery. You will be provided with a lot of care and support, but nobody can recover for you. You need to have patience and be prepared to make a lot of changes if you are to overcome this addiction.

What Happens After Rehab Treatment?

Once treatment is over, you will return to everyday life. This transition may be something you are worried about, but you will not have to go it alone. You will be helped with the move from rehab back home and will be provided with additional aftercare support if required.

Once back at home, you can make use of resources within your local community and you will more than likely be encouraged to do this as part of your ongoing recovery maintenance. Joining a local fellowship group will provide you with a network of support that could prove vital to your permanent sobriety.

What are the Aftercare Options?

Most rehab providers include aftercare as part of their programme, and this may mean that you will be able to attend regular one-to-one or group counselling sessions. As mentioned above, you can also join a local support group such as AA or NA where you can attend regular meetings. It is highly recommended that you do this.

Relapse Prevention

Preventing a relapse is a massive part of the recovery process and you will likely have done a lot of work on this before you ever leave your rehab clinic. One of the main ways of preventing a return to addictive behaviour is to learn what your cues and triggers are and then avoiding them.

Learning different ways of dealing with the temptations and triggers that surround you will ensure that you stay on the right track. There are many ways of doing this, with distraction being one of the most effective. For example, if you are faced with a temptation or feel your resolve wavering for whatever reason, it may be a good idea to do something to take your mind off the cravings.

Going for a walk or meditating can help, or you might prefer to talk to someone such as a counsellor, sponsor, or close family member or friend. What matters most is that you find something that works for you.

Treating Temazepam Abuse at Home

If you do not have a severe addiction to temazepam, it may be sufficient for you to withdraw from your medication at home. However, you should be aware that doing this without medical advice can be dangerous.

Talk to your doctor about how to safely withdraw from temazepam. It is likely that you will be advised on a dose reduction plan that will take place over the course of a number of weeks or months. If you are struggling with side effects caused by temazepam and want to quit sooner rather than later, speak to your doctor about a substitution drug.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I’m addicted to temazepam?

There is a difference between abuse and addiction, so it can be difficult to tell when you have crossed a line. However, if you find that you are compelled to use temazepam even when you do not want to, or if your use of it is beginning to take over your life and cause negative problems, you are more than likely addicted.
To tell for sure, why not give us a call and speak to one of our advisors, who can provide a full assessment of your situation.

Can temazepam cause addiction?

Temazepam is a highly addictive drug that should only be used for a short time to treat insomnia. Using it for longer than this can cause a physical dependence that can quickly progress to addiction.

How to stop temazepam addiction?

If you are taking temazepam and are worried that you might develop an addiction, it is a good idea to speak to your doctor. You should not use this medication for longer than a maximum of four weeks. However, using it for less than this will decrease your risk for addiction.

How to treat temazepam Addiction?

If you have an addiction to temazepam, it will be necessary for you to quit the drug and then complete a rehab programme to address the issues that caused the illness. Talk to your doctor about how to access a programme to help you overcome your addiction or call us here and we will advise on the options available.

Can temazepam rehab be done at home?

Rehabilitation is the process that takes place after a detoxification. It is never advisable to quit temazepam suddenly, and if you are planning on quitting at home, you will need to discuss this with your doctor first.
For a rehabilitation programme, you will need to attend an inpatient or outpatient programme where you will be treated with various therapies designed to tackle the underlying issues that led to your addiction.

Can I get temazepam rehab on the NHS?

Treatment for addiction is provided on a day care basis by the NHS, although accessing these programmes can be difficult due to the heavy demands on the service. If you would like to have temazepam treatment on the NHS, talk to your doctor, who will refer you to your local treatment service.
But be aware, it is likely that you will have to wait before your initial consultation and before a place becomes available.

What to expect after temazepam rehab?

When you finish a programme of rehab for a temazepam addiction, you can expect your life to change. You will no longer be in the grip of addiction and you will now be free to make good choices and decisions. Your future looks bright when you break free from addiction.
You can work on repairing the damage that may have been caused to your relationships and you can build new friendships with people in your local support group. You can also repair your financial situation, which may have taken a hit as your ability to work was affected by your dependence on temazepam.

A world of opportunity awaits you, and if you are prepared to work hard on maintaining your sobriety and enjoying all that the world has to offer, you can go on to live a healthier and happier sober life.

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