The UK Addiction Treatment Centre’s Management Team

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Eytan Alexander

Managing Director

My vision for UKAT was to provide a contemporary and cutting-edge treatment programmes of the highest calibre in comfortable and friendly surroundings that did not cost the earth. I want every addict and alcoholic to find our treatment accessible and have the opportunity to heal and recover fully.

Eytan Alexander, experienced first-hand the destructive powers of addiction. Eytan understands that addiction has no boundaries, knowing that it can affect anyone, regardless of their age, sex, education, or upbringing. Finding recovery himself is the driving force behind UKAT. Eytan believes that no individual would have sunk so low or become so hopeless to not find recovery.

Eytan is passionate about his recovery and this is reflected in the environment he has created as well as the therapies delivered at all UKAT centers. Many of the staff and counsellors that work at UKAT centers are in recovery themselves. This offers them a unique advantage in understanding and treating the dysfunctional thinking and subsequent behaviours of our clients.

Eytan is a successful businessperson with strong family values. He has a successful career working in one of the City’s leading financial institutions that spans some 20 years. It was during this time that he himself found recovery ,coming to appreciate the true value of the simple things in life.

Eytan has an inspiring and unwavering passion for helping others find recovery. Taking this to the next level was the inspiration behind UKAT


Daniel Gerrard of UK Addiction Treatment Centres
Daniel Gerrard

Managing Director

Following over 20 years as a derivatives trader, Daniel set up a successful online marketing company servicing many PLCs in the UK.

Daniel’s own experiences with addiction led him to the behavioural health field in 2009.

In 2010, he trained as a counsellor at Regent’s College and the Minster Centre in London, and is also a certified interventionist with The Pennsylvania Certification Board and a member of The Association of Intervention Specialists (AIS), working with families who wish to get their loved ones into treatment.

In January 2017, Daniel became a director/shareholder of UK Addiction Treatment Centres (UKAT).

Daniel now runs the company alongside Eytan Alexander, and specialises in marketing, operations and business development.


Ben Raingill

Head of Operations

Having a successful career within the industry overseeing services, Ben was inspired by the ethics and the ethos of the UKAT group and joined the team in 2016.

“It is inspiring to see a company that truly puts its clients at the heart of its business”

As Head of Operations, Ben is responsible for overseeing services and ensuring that service delivery is safe, effective and of the highest standard. Ben believes quality assurance, safety and excellence are crucial; and is committed to ensuring that every client, their family and loved ones, receive the very best of care at UKAT services.

“Treatment will be individually tailored to meet the needs and goals of every client in our care; giving every client the very best start to their recovery.”

Ben has had 20 years operational and regulatory experience across three sectors heavily accountable under government legislation.

Ben has a wealth of experience and a proven track record managing services for the treatment of addiction. Ben has been operationally responsible for various well known services for a number of years;CQC registered manager of various sites and set up a number of residential rehabs.

“I am really excited to be working alongside some remarkable people who are committed and driven towards providing the very best of care for our clients”


Dr. Mateen Durrani

Group Managing Psychiatrist

Dr Mateen Durrani is a General Adult Psychiatrist, accredited by the Royal College of Psychiatrist, and is on the Specialist Register of the General Medical Council, UK. He did his Masters in the Clinical aspects of Addictive behavior from the Institute of Psychiatry and King College London and has managed substance misuse services within the NHS and the Independent Sector, since 2000.

Dr Durrani believes that people who are alcohol or drug dependent have become neuroadapted to continuous or repeated exposure to a psychoactive substance. A manifestation of neuroadaptation is that a withdrawal syndrome may develop when substance use ceases. There are also underlying precipitating, maintaining and perpetuating factors that need to be addressed alongside detoxification for it to be successful. The primary objective of detoxification is completion of the withdrawal process with safety and comfort. This ensures that the person can cease alcohol or drug use without experiencing an uncomfortable and potentially hazardous withdrawal syndrome and enter into a therapeutic rehabilitation program, for relapse prevention.

Dr Durrani’s expertise includes:

  • Inpatient detoxification and management of patients with drug(s) and alcohol dependence. This includes Opioids, Psycho-stimulants including Amphetamine, Crack-Cocaine, Benzodiazepine, legal highs and Cannabis.
  • Identification and management of medical and psychosocial problems accompanying substance misuse.
  • The use of drugs for preventing relapse or reducing risky behavior/harm (e.g. Methadone maintenance, anti-craving drugs Naltrexone etc.)
  • Management of special populations such as women, older adults, prisoners, black and ethnic minority groups.
  • Management of dual diagnoses in people with substance misuse, serious mental illness and common mental disorders.

For further information please contact UKAT.


Nuno Albuquerque
Nuno Albuquerque

Group Treatment Lead

Nuno Albuquerque is an Addictions Counsellor with over 18 years of experience in working in the field in the UK and around the globe. Nuno comes to UKAT with a wealth of clinical and managerial experience, enhanced by continuous study and interest in approaches made to support and sustain change in human beings.

The following demonstrates Nuno’s drive in self-development, just to mention a few:

  • BSc (Hons) in Substance Misuse Management, University of Kent, UK 2014
  • Trauma and Healing: An Exploration of Mental Illness, Addiction and Disease with Dr Gabor Mate – London, 2017
  • Trauma, Attachment, Affect Dysregulation and Shame: Treating the Seeds and the Cycle of Self-Destructive Behaviours by Lisa Ferentz, London, 2017
  • Diploma in Addictions Counselling, Open College Network, Plymouth College of Further Education, UK 2004
  • International Coach Certification & Coach Practitioner Certification, Expertise Coaching Training, Lisbon, Portugal, 2008
  • Motivational Interviewing Practitioners Course, Plymouth, UK 2004
  • International Certified Relapse Prevention Specialist, CENAPS, USA, 2005
  • Chemical Dependency Counsellor Training Programme, Weston-super-mare, UK 2002

Over the years Nuno has developed a well deserved professional reputation. Nuno is a member of FDAP (Federation of Drug & Alcohol Professionals) since 2004; from 2008 Nuno also obtained membership at the Certified Coaches Federation; and from 2018 achieved Certification as an Alcohol and Drug Counsellor by the UK Professional Certification Board of Alcohol and Drug Counsellors (IC&RC),

Nuno worked in the education sector at an international school in Macau S.A.R., China. as the CAS Coordinator/School Counsellor. Nuno was able to support students to graduate on the International Baccalaureate programme. To be able to perform as a CAS Coordinator Nuno attended training in Kuala Lumpur, with IB Asia-Pacific. This was his second work experience in this sector after being a Practice Educator for the Oxford Brookes University in the UK.

Nuno attends some of the most prestigious conferences such as the UKESAD, which he has been attending since 2007, the Interventions Plus and iCAAD.


Senior Operations Manager
Sue Allchurch

Senior Operations Manager

Sue has more than 20 years experience in the field of addictions. In long term recovery herself she initially trained as an addictions therapist and worked in several treatment facilities including Burton Addiction Centre, The Priory and The Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s treatment programme for medical professionals.

After gaining experience over a period of 7 years, of group work, one-one, care planning, aftercare, family groups and day programmes she went on to be responsible for all aspects of programme design and management. Sue was then instrumental in setting up a group of treatment centres in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. She was responsible for project management, CQC Compliance, programme design and operational issues across all sites ensuring that all elements of the treatment process were focussed on the best possible client care.

Prior to joining UKAT Sue worked for a treatment centre in Suffolk taking responsibility for all CQC Compliance, management and supervision of senior staff and overseeing the development and continuous improvement in all aspects of client care. She was also involved in the development of a number of projects to provide work and social opportunity for those clients in secondary and tertiary care.


David Peacock

Performance and Compliance Manager

David has been working in the field of addiction for over ten years, the last six years as a senior manager in operations, specialising in quality and compliance.

In 2010 David was tasked with setting the standards of quality and compliance across a group of 14 community and residential addiction treatment facilities. This was achieved through applying the standards set out in the Health and Social Care Act, CQC guidance, NICE guidelines and Health and Safety law, creating a quality assurance system that enabled quality and compliance to be achieved and improved across all services.His substance misuse working careers started following qualifying in addictions psychology and counselling at London South Bank University, firstly working as a therapist specialising in group work and then as a centre manager.

David joined UKAT in October 2016; he strives to achieve excellence in the standards of care for all clients through an effective and innovative quality assurance system and robust clinical governance.


photo of Medissar Iqbal UKAT Operations manager
Madissar Iqbal

Operations Manager

Madissar has wealth of experience in managerial position within substance misuse for over 20 years, working with offending behaviour and criminal justice. Madissar began his career as a prison officer in 2000 and progressed further in working in the substance misuse field within the prison settings delivering various short duration programmes and linking prisoners to community-based treatment providers prior to their release.

In 2006 Madissar successfully managed to set up the Drug Intervention Programme within Bedfordshire. This later transpired to successfully securing a service manager role and leading on developing the Drug Rehabilitation Requirement Order. Madissar successfully secured various managerial roles within the substance misuse field with joint partnership working with Integrated Offender Management and police in reducing drug-related offending behaviour. Madissar gained extensive experience and expertise working for several organisations, such as Adapt, Rapt, Addaction, Westminster Drug Project, NHS and Next Step Support.

Madissar holds a diploma in level 5 Leadership and Management and has extensive experience in the senior managerial role. Madissar passion lies in supporting services to achieve its goals and objectives, In the last 2 years, Madissar progressed further in mental health as a senior managerial role, overseeing supporting living accommodations with adults (18+) with a range of diverse complex needs.


Johnny Beggache

Registered Manager Recovery Lighthouse

Johnny joined UKAT as a support worker at Primrose Lodge in the summer of 2015. He has a passion for helping those with alcohol and substance misuse and has experience working with several other organisations such as local councils, churches and support agencies.

Johnny’s a university graduate from the Organisation and Management course at the Institut National of Commerce, Algiers University and has a First Class Honours Degree in Mathematics (BSC in Mathematics from the London Metropolitan University) which he achieved whilst in recovery. His NVQ 3 and his NVQ 5 (QCF Management in Adult Social Care) are from City and Guilds.

His work experience includes years in the Catering and Hospitality field, leadership positions in the Landscaping and Gardening field, as well as volunteer positions in Homeless Action in Barnet. His journey changed because Johnny suffered from addiction. He’s been sober for over 12 years and is now working to help those who are just starting their journey discover the right path to long-term recovery.


Connor Stagg

Registered Manager Banbury Lodge

Having experienced active addiction for almost thirty years and then been fortunate enough to find personal recovery, Connor began his career in the addictions treatment field in 1998 and worked as a counsellor in the voluntary sector during his study of counselling and psychotherapy at Birmingham University.

For the ensuing five year, Connor worked in a prison setting, offering group and individual therapy as well as managing the drug and alcohol rehabilitation unit. During this period of time, he studied experiential psychotherapy at the University of East Anglia, a program of study created to inform more readily as to the nature of change in the human organism and how any such change might better be facilitated. During his career, Connor has also practiced in both statutory and private day care and residential settings. During his time working in the midlands, he undertook a further period of study at Warwick University, qualifying with an advanced diploma in the supervision of counsellors and psychotherapists. He is currently the clinic manager at The Recovery Lighthouse in Worthing, where it is his responsibility to oversee the day to day running of the clinic and ensure that we deliver safe, innovative and effective addictions treatment to our client group. Connor says that working with the team at The Recovery lighthouse gives him great pleasure, as the entire team have an enthusiasm for recovery that reaches out and touches the client group the team seek to assist.

Having had more than enough personal experience of the vagaries of addiction and with some 17 years of working within the field of addictions treatment, it continues to be his goal to do all he can to be of service to those seeking to address their addictions and make positive changes in their lives, and, of course, in the lives of those close to them.


Tom Hegarty

Registered Manager Oasis Bradford

Tom has worked in the substance misuse field for 10 years in a number of different settings. Since starting work in our detox Centre in Jan 2010 he has worked his way up from Recovery Coach to the position of Centre Manager which he has now done successfully for 6 years.

Tom’s previous roles have included working in a supported accommodation environment and also as a Team Leader in a Tier-3 structured day care centre. Tom is a qualified NLP practitioner and has NVQ’s in Health & Social Care, Team Leading and Management as well as certificates in Counselling. He is currently pursuing further studies in Management and aims to develop his practice further through additional studies in Dual Diagnosis.


Justin Jansen

Centre Manager at Oasis Runcorn

Justin is an experienced and respected manager and therapist with 10 years of experience assisting clients to overcome addiction as well as deal with and manage the reality of HIV and other co occurring disorders guiding them to rethink, rebuild and continue living full and happy lives.

His deep commitment, passion and focused intent to see lives restored is supported by his knowledge, training and recognised experience, equipping him to provide an essential safe and structured space for clients to regain hope, to live another day. He has owned and run his own registered facilities in South Africa and worked with NPO organisations on women abuse and Recovery.


Rosie O’Farrell

Registered Manager Liberty House

Rosie started her career as a volunteer counsellor, working for the mental health organisation MIND. Having benefited from the 12 step model of addiction herself her goal was to complete training to enhance her knowledge of addiction.

After completing her Diploma in counselling at Birkbeck University in London she undertook a 3 year Msc in addiction psychology and counselling at London South-bank University.

Post qualification she started working as a counsellor, Snr counsellor and then became the centre manager for TTP Communities in Luton, which was a quasi-residential rehabilitation centre .Rosie was to remain with TTP for 8 years until its closure in 2015.

She then went on to gain employment with the NHS in Luton as Clinical Lead at Reconnect which offered community based support for all those affected from addictions ,including families.

Rosie was with Reconnect for 2 years; however her commitment to the 12 step model of recovery from addictions led her back to working in Residential Rehab.


Paula Reece

Registered Manager Sanctuary Lodge

Paula spent many years working within a commercial environment as a manager of office processes, people and recruitment. She has been working within drug and alcohol services for five years, for private treatment centers and one of UK’s largest charity-funded community services.

Paula is very passionate about supporting and empowering addicts to enable them to help themselves, to be part of education around addiction, the emotional processes and underlying issues associated with this.

As part of her professional development Paula went through a BACP Diploma in Integrative Counselling and QCF Level 5 Management and is looking forward to utilising these skills and values in the workplace. She is a skilled mindfulness and meditation practitioner, as a participant and meditation leader, practices yoga on a regular basis and is a qualified auricular acupuncturist. This encompasses a holistic approach to her physical, mental and emotional well-being.

“I decided the time was right to integrate the skills I had acquired in the business sector to the values I live by in my personal life, the 12 Step Programme has empowered me to grow emotionally and spiritually, and it is a humbling experience to witness individuals follow the same path.
I am proud to be part of the UKAT approach to addiction treatment”.


Dale Conlon Head of Admissions
Dale Conlon

Head of Admissions

Dale has over 15 years’ experience of working in field of addiction, after gaining first-hand experience of residential treatment in 2003. Dale has worked for some of the UK largest private treatment providers, also gaining vital experience in Europe and the US.

This has created a wealth of experience when it comes to guiding the families and the clients when they are at the exploratory stage of the consideration of residential treatment and/or addiction therapy.

Dale recognises the size of the task in hand with UKAT and feels that the team ethic and working standard within the admissions, alumni, and assessment departments are second to none. “We have created a family-like feel to our workspace, which is an important background when supporting others.”
This was an unexpected journey as Dale had studied performing arts and English literature before attending drama school in the mid-’90s.

“It is an effortless decision to spend our days helping others and deepening our understanding further still.”


Linda Ashworth - Group Financial Controller
Linda Ashworth

Group Financial Controller

Linda Ashworth has been with the UK Addiction Treatment Limited since the company commenced operating in 2014. She is responsible for all in-house group finance activities from processing and paying suppliers to staff payroll and group finance reporting to the board of directors.

Previous to her current position Linda has worked as a Finance Manager for our National Health Service, Management Accountant with the UK’s largest independent provider of health and social care and Finance Analyst for a well-known Blue Chip company. She believes her previous experience in the healthcare finance field provide her with the vast knowledge to fulfil her position with confidence and attention to detail.

Linda is a proud member of the Association of Accounting Technicians.

Away from the business Linda is a mother of two boys, she enjoys travelling, skiing and spending time with family and friends.


Claire Havey
Claire Havey

Head of Communications

Claire has worked for UKAT for 3 years and in that time has been solely responsible for the plentiful and positive national, regional and trade media exposure, cementing UKAT as the addiction industry’s expert voice. Her focus is to raise the awareness of positive recovery from addiction through the media and to reduce societal apprehension, stereotype and stigma around those suffering from addiction.

She is pivotal in lobbying Government and Council leaders to allocate more financial investment into statutory treatment and support services in a bid to ensure that drug and alcohol help is accessible for all. She is also responsible for UKAT’s Education and Corporate affiliate programmes set to launch in 2020.

Having worked in Marketing for over 10 years, Claire has come from a background in professional business services and has a fantastic understanding and grasp of how important strong communication strategies- both internally and externally- are for an organisation in leveraging the brand to its highest potential.

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