How Gambling Addiction Can Ruin Lives

15 November 2016

Gambling addictions are becoming an increasing problem in many countries around the world, including, or especially, s...

Desperate Actions of Man with Gambling Addiction Threatened to Destroy Amir Khan’s Reputation

08 November 2016

There are many types of addiction that can affect people, and all have the potential to cause devastating consequences f...

Highly Addictive Fixed Odds Betting Terminals Under Review

01 November 2016

A gambling addiction is one that can totally consume the affected individual. The most concerning part of it is that ver...

Government to Consider New Measures to Tackle Gambling Addiction

24 October 2016

With addiction to substances causing so many health and social problems, it is easy to forget that other types of addict...

Man Who Lost Over £100,000 Calls for Watershed on Gambling Ads

11 October 2016

The anticipation and the buzz that surround gambling make it all too easy for a gambling addiction to develop. The sever...

Gambling Addict Squandered £80,000 of His Parents’ Money

26 September 2016

A gambling addiction is one that can be very difficult to spot, making it challenging for the family and friends of add...

Addressing the Problem of Gambling Addiction Among the Young

22 September 2016

The rise of gambling adverts cannot be underestimated, especially when you consider that the NHS thinks that there are a...

Former Chelsea Footballer Kerry Dixon on the Gambling Addiction That Destroyed His Life

01 September 2016

A gambling addiction can tear families apart, leaving them in financial ruin. This is not a new problem but it appears t...

Gambling Addiction Sees Man Jailed after Breach of Trust

31 August 2016

There are many types of addiction, and they all affect people in different ways. However, one thing that a gambling ...

Man with Gambling Addiction Lost Temper and Smashed Betting Machine

30 August 2016

While the word ‘addiction’ conjures up an image of someone drinking too much alcohol or injecting illegal drugs ...

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