26 January 2017

Suffering in Silence Due to Stigma that Surrounds Addiction

There are many reasons an individual turns to drugs and then goes on to develop a dependency such as, for example, a cocaine addiction. This could be anything from peer pressure to boredom to grief. Addiction affects people in different ways, but in most cases, it will have a hugely negative impact on the individual and his/her loved ones. One man who turned to drugs after the death of his daughter is Brian Loncar, who suffered an accidental cocaine overdose while trying to self-medicate. His devastated family have now not only lost a daughter but a father also.

Accidental Overdose

Fifty-six-year-old Loncar was a successful personal injury lawyer from North Texas who struggled with a cocaine addiction for many years. He had managed to overcome this addiction, but after his sixteen-year-old daughter had committed suicide, he turned straight back to drugs and succumbed to his addiction. He was found dead in his car – which was parked near the legal practice where he worked – just two days after he buried his daughter. The cause of Loncar’s death was determined by the Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office as ‘the toxic effect of cocaine’ along with heart disease and abnormally high blood pressure. The report also concluded that his overdose was accidental.


Loncar’s daughter Grace had struggled with depression since she was eleven years old, and she subsequently ended her life in November 2016. This devastating situation took its toll on her heartbroken father, who turned to drugs for comfort. Her obituary read: “From the time she was diagnosed at age 11, until her death, she struggled. She would tell her family that she could never feel anything. She couldn’t feel all the love from everyone around her.”

Broken Heart

The family of Mr Loncar released a statement that said although they accept the findings of the medical examiner, they believe the true cause of his death was grief and heartbreak. The statement read: “Those of us who were closest to him already knew the cause of his death. Brian died of a broken heart. Hopefully, these events will serve as heart-breaking reminders that we all need to reach out and care for our loved ones – every day.” The family then explained that they have all dealt with ‘unimaginable losses’ and expressed their gratitude for the support and privacy they have been given at this tough time.

Withdrawn and Anxious

Loncar’s stepson David Long revealed that his stepfather had struggled with an alcohol and cocaine addiction, alongside a host of mental health issues. Loncar was in a serious car accident that almost killed him in 2008, and according to David, this changed him completely; he became withdrawn and anxious. David believes that this could have been what pushed him back to his cocaine addiction after being sober for almost twenty years prior to this.

Addiction can consume the life of the affected individual and result in this person becoming completely different, which can come as a shock to unsuspecting loved ones.

Stigma Surrounding Addiction

Dealing with a cocaine addiction can be extremely challenging and can result in the deterioration of once stable relationships while also affecting home and work life. In some cases, the addict will not even fully acknowledge that he or she is suffering from an addiction and will refuse to accept help because of this. Denial is common among those suffering from addiction, as the affected individuals may believe that by accepting help, they will be deemed as ‘weak’ or could be judged by others. The stigma that surrounds addiction is often that which leads to people hiding their addiction and therefore preventing themselves from receiving that all-important help so desperately needed to overcome the addiction once and for all.

Overcoming a Cocaine Addiction

You may have concerns about either yourself or a loved one’s cocaine addiction and find yourself wondering, ‘What do I do?’. If this is the case, get in touch with us here at UKAT. We specialise in helping individuals to overcome their cocaine addiction by using a range of effective therapies and treatments, which will be tailored to suit the specific needs of each affected person. Our clinics are designed to ensure maximum comfort, and all our patients will receive around-the-clock care from the attentive staff, who want nothing more than for you to beat your addiction for good. Guests can rest assured that any information they tell us will remain completely confidential and will go no further. If you would like any additional information or have any queries at all, then do not hesitate to contact us today and we will do everything we can to assist you further.

Source: Top Texas lawyer known as ‘strong arm’ accidentally overdoses on cocaine just days after his daughter’s suicide (Daily Mail)

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If you successfully complete our 90-day inpatient treatment programme, we guarantee you'll stay clean and sober, or you can return for a complimentary 30 days of treatment.*

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