UKAT expands into private mental health sector

Here at the UK Addiction Treatment Group, we’re pleased to announce that we are opening UKAT London Clinic at 30 Weymouth Street, London.UKAT London Clinic will provide mental health treatment services to individuals struggling with conditions such as treatment-resistant depression, eating disorders, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder and addictions.

The facility will also provide therapy for adolescents, couples and families and will be one of the few providers of Esketamine treatment.

UKAT London Clinic will cater for face to face and online treatment programmes provided by its fantastic network of industry-leading mental health clinicians and specialists on an individual and group work basis.

Working with the client, our team will implement a robust and effective treatment programme dedicated specifically to the individual client and their needs.

UKAT London Clinic, positioned just off Harley Street in London, is set to be a world-leading mental health treatment provision and is the ninth facility that the Group operates.

The expansion makes the UKAT Group the biggest provider of residential treatment for addiction in the UK and Europe.