What You Need to Know About Cocaine Addiction?

14 July 2017

Many people would never dream of taking an illegal drug such as cocaine, but there are some who regularly take this ...

Danniella Westbrook Admits She May Need Rehab for Cocaine Addiction Again

28 March 2017

Westbrook Needs Therapy for Cocaine Addiction A cocaine addiction is notoriously difficult to overcome due to the fac...

Suffering in Silence Due to Stigma that Surrounds Addiction

26 January 2017

There are many reasons an individual turns to drugs and then goes on to develop a dependency such as, for example, a c...

Could the Contraceptive Pill Be Used to Treat Cocaine Addiction?

13 January 2017

There are many reasons people turn to drugs such as cocaine; some do so out of curiosity while others use drugs to help ...

How Self-Medication Can Lead to Addiction

19 December 2016

An individual who has had no experience with drugs or addiction may find themselves wondering ‘why?’ – why wou...

The Effects of a Cocaine Addiction

04 October 2016

Cocaine is an extremely powerful and highly addictive drug that increases the release of dopamine from the brain; this i...

Could Ketamine Be Effective at Treating a Cocaine Addiction?

27 September 2016

Treating cocaine addiction can be complicated due to the fact that the drug is so addictive and those affected often exp...

Sisters Resort to Prostitution to Fund Cocaine Addiction

14 July 2016

Cocaine is one of the most powerful and addictive drugs on the market. Crack cocaine is smoked, which means it can reach...

Zac Efron Talks About Overcoming Alcohol and Cocaine Addiction

27 May 2016

While some people dream of being rich and famous and believe that celebrities live the perfect life, those in the spotli...

Could Scientists Have Discovered Genes That Make People Prone to Addiction?

27 April 2016

There are many reasons people use chemical substances such as alcohol or drugs, and while not everyone who drinks alcoh...

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