21 November 2016

The Devastating Impacts of Alcohol Addiction

Dealing with an alcohol addiction is never going to be easy; it can be strenuous, frustrating and an overall unpleasant experience for the addict and his or her loved ones. It can drive a wedge between once stable relationships and result in their deterioration.

An addiction to alcohol can have detrimental impacts on the life of the addict and can cause this person to lose the most important things in their life: their family, friends, job, and even their home. Michael and Kelly from Aberdeen are an example of what can go wrong with addiction, and they lost more than just their dignity.

Terrible Experiences

Two individuals who battled alcoholism spoke out during Alcohol Awareness Week to encourage others to ultimately try to overcome their addictions. Sixty-year-old Michael and twenty-five-year-old Kelly, both from Aberdeen, both had terrible experiences because of their alcoholism and did not want others to have the same fate. Both Michael and Kelly have had their names changed to protect their identities.

Low Point

Michael, who used to be in the Navy, admitted that he began drinking when he was a teenager. He said, “When my drinking was at its peak, I was consuming two bottles of spirits a day. A low point for me was my children saying that I was no longer going to see them or be involved with my grandchildren. I lost my self-respect, I could not face anyone. I started drinking at the age of 15; it was easily accessible in the Navy. I got married, and at the age of twenty-one I was drinking a bottle of whisky a day – I couldn’t stop.”

Hit Rock Bottom

Kelly was a student who was going through a relationship breakdown when she started drinking. She explained, “I started to drink every evening and then quickly it was also in the morning. At my worst, I was drinking a litre a day. I nearly died, I hit rock bottom, and I didn’t want to be here. The lowest point for me was when I woke up in hospital not knowing I had tried to take my own life. My dad had to give up his work to look after me, and my mum was off work sick and had to be prescribed medication. As a result of my drinking, I had to give up my dream of becoming a doctor. I also lost relationships with friends that I am not able to mend. I had to have regular liver function tests; I gained weight, and my liver was actually sore.”

Warning Signs

Kelly and Michael are now both receiving support from the charity Alcohol and Drugs Action (ADA). Kelly believes that anyone who may be suffering from an addiction should not disregard the warning signs of alcoholism. “When people start putting alcohol ahead of things they love, that’s a warning sign. So is the constant need and craving for alcohol, lying and hiding the empty bottles of alcohol,” Kelly added.

Michael admitted that it was not easy for him to accept help, but eventually he did and was able to go on to lead a happy, sober life. He explained, “When I first went to ADA they told me this could be done, even after drinking for 40 years. I used the strength of how far I had come, and set goals to not let me buy alcohol. The trust I know I had from my wife and children stopped me buying when the urge was there. Now the future is great, and I want to continue. I want to give back to my wife and children what I have missed out on giving them in the past.”

Kelly explained that when she first turned to ADA, she was in denial about her alcohol addiction, but with time and the correct support, she was able to recognise that she was suffering from addiction. “Today I love life, and I am now back at university and I have great family relationships and strong friendships with people in recovery as well as new found friendships,” she added.

Overcoming an Alcohol Addiction

It can be easy to develop an alcohol addiction; however, it can be extremely challenging to overcome one. It is essential that the individual receives the correct help and support when trying to overcome their addiction. At UKAT, we can ensure that you benefit from the support of our helpful and welcoming colleagues.

We will tailor our treatments to suit the specific needs of the affected individual to ensure the best outcome. If you require any further information or have any general enquiries about our services, do not hesitate to contact us today and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Source: North-East Pair Reveal Battles with Alcohol to Help Others Seek Out the Treatment They Need (Evening Express)

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