Eating Disorder Patients Sent to Scotland for Treatment

12 December 2016

Eating disorders affect the lives of many individuals in the UK; not only the lives of the person with the illness but a...

Moving on after an Eating Disorder

01 December 2016

Many people around the world will suffer from an eating disorder at some point in their life; sadly, a lot of them will ...

Popular YouTuber Speaks out about Eating Disorder

06 October 2016

Many people around the world have suffered from an eating disorder at some point in their life. An eating disorder can b...

Mel C, Eating Disorders, and No Spice Girls Reunion

19 September 2016

Although most people assume that everyone with eating disorders is painfully thin and fragile, the truth can often be ve...

How an Eating Disorder Coupled with Anorexia Athletica Can Be Fatal

16 August 2016

Most people have heard of anorexia and how those affected will restrict their food intake in order to achieve as low...

Scientists Confirm Binge Eating Disorders Are Illnesses of the Brain

09 August 2016

While addictions such as alcohol and drug addiction have long been recognised as illnesses of the brain, many expert...

How Summer Holidays Can Trigger Eating Disorders in Children

29 July 2016

Parents constantly worry about their children and whether they are happy or not. Bullying, experimentation with alco...

Bloggers Blamed for Eating Disorder Cases with Unqualified Advice

31 May 2016

Eating disorders continue to affect many people around the UK. And with the prevalence of bloggers promoting so-call...

Eating Disorders Affecting Women with Diabetes

21 April 2016

Addiction is a mental health problem that affects many millions of people around the world. As well as the more typica...

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