Addiction – the Elephant in the Room with Depression and Anxiety

29 June 2019

Over the last decade, successful campaigns in Britain have encouraged people to talk about their mental health. Fr...

#BeBodyKind in Addiction Recovery – How to Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin

13 May 2019

Can you remember a time when you felt comfortable in your own skin? The Mental Health Foundation is asking this simple q...

Fuelling Work Addiction – the Connection between Workaholism and Substance Abuse

28 February 2019

In a culture that prizes educational attainment, career progression and business achievements, the drive to succeed ...

Living with Mental Illness and Addiction? Missing Your GP Appointments?

30 January 2019

According to research by The University of Glasgow, mental health patients who miss their GP appointments face a sig...

World Mental Health Day 2018 – stories of young people with a dual diagnosis

10 October 2018

Today is World Mental Health Day and this year’s theme could not be more important – “Young People and Mental Heal...

Dual Diagnosis Specialist Should Be Part of Every Rehab Programme

25 April 2016

Street pastor and activist Del Thomas has been busily working the streets of Southend collecting signatures on a pet...

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