20 September 2016

Justice for Girl with Drug Addiction

The decision to take drugs is almost always a choice in the first instance, but nobody makes a conscious decision to become a drug addict. However, while some people will never become addicted to drugs, others will develop a devastating drug addiction that will destroy their lives and, in some instances, lead to fatal consequences.

Those who are struggling with a heroin addiction, for example, are always in danger of overdose. Every time these individuals take the drug they are, in effect, dicing with death as there is no way of telling the purity of the substance they are taking just by looking at it. If they take something that is purer than they are used to, they could easily suffer a fatal overdose.

Negative Consequences of Drug Addiction

Drug addiction leads to a host of negative consequences, including both physical and mental health problems. Nevertheless, it also leads to a number of lifestyle problems, with those affected often unable to hold down a job because of their addictive behaviour.

This may lead them to become desperate in their attempts to get their hands on the drugs they need, and some will turn to crime in order to fund their habit. Sadly, some women end up on the streets selling their bodies for the money they need to buy the drugs they crave. This is what happened to Becky Godden.

Fell Through the Cracks

Becky was affected by a devastating drug addiction, and despite her family trying everything in their power to get her to accept help, her addiction ultimately led to her death. She can be described as having fallen through the cracks of society as she became consumed by her need for heroin; her family could do nothing to help.

Becky decided to move away from home because she could not overcome her addiction and did not want to hurt her family anymore. Nonetheless, because she was struggling with addiction and had moved away from her family, nobody really noticed when she went missing.

Her family assumed that she was living somewhere in Bristol feeding her addiction, but the truth was that Christopher Halliwell had brutally murdered her and buried in a shallow grave.

Wrong Crowd

Becky’s mother believed that one day her daughter would come home, but she said that Becky had taken up with the wrong crowd as a teenager. She added, “Life was hard before when she was living the life of an addict, but we really did think she was alive and that one day she would come back home. Becky gave me so much love and joy as a child. However, as a teenager, she got involved with people who introduced her to drugs.”

The family tried everything they could to get help for Becky, with Mrs Edwards saying, “During her teenage years, we did everything we could to help her overcome her drug addiction. We sought help from drug charities, doctors; we also asked for help from MP Julia Drown. We then put her in a private rehabilitation centre. We tried everything to stop her leaving home, but on every occasion, the pull of her habit was much stronger, and she would do whatever she needed to do to get her next fix. It was not unusual behaviour for Becky to disappear for weeks and months on end.”

Mrs Edwards said that Becky would usually phone when she was in trouble, and someone would go and get her and bring her home before she would then disappear once more. She said, “Life was very tough for us all, and we witnessed many, many awful things that we would not wish on any parent.”

In the end, Becky went missing for years, with her family still believing she was living in Bristol somewhere. They finally reported her missing in 2007. Mrs Edwards said that she tried for years to find her daughter through various organisations and would check with the police and the hospitals but never had any luck. She stated that various family members had told her over the years that they had spotted Becky, so she had no reason to believe her daughter was not alive.

She said, “I continued to buy her birthday cards, Christmas presents and cards, so that when she did come back home she knew I had been thinking of her every year since she left, hoping for one day that I would be able to give them to her.”

Sadly, on April 4th, 2011, the family were told that Becky was dead – that would have been her 29th birthday. Christopher Halliwell had confessed that he had murdered her and led police to her grave. Five years after his confession he has now been found guilty of the killing – his confession having previously been ruled inadmissible by a judge because of an error by police.

Becky’s family now have justice for the death of the girl who fell through the cracks because of a drug addiction.

Source: Christopher Halliwell guilty of murdering Becky Godden (The Guardian)

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