29 December 2016

Drug Addiction Centres Losing Contracts Due to Lack of Funds

Drug addiction is becoming an increasing problem in the UK, with more and more people abusing drugs on a regular basis. Once hooked, an individual may find it extremely challenging to overcome their illness, which itself can lead to a host of problems. Loved ones often become frustrated and fed up with dealing with their addicted family member, and this can result in relationship breakdowns. With the increase in drug addictions comes the need for more treatment centres to support these individuals – but this can be costly.

Running a successful treatment centre comes at an enormous price, as the centre needs to pay for all the equipment used in treatments, the cost of accommodating an addict for the duration of their stay, and the general management of the clinic and everything that this entails (rent, bills, taxes, etc.). This is proving to be challenging for some clinics; one such example is Roads to Recovery, which has just lost its contract to a lower-priced bidder. This will inevitably cause many issues for drug addicts in Gloucestershire.


Although massively impressed with Roads to Recovery, run by Turning Point, inspectors could not save the company – which supports many people who are battling drug addiction in Gloucestershire – from losing its contract worth millions, as another company is charging £300,000 less than them. The deal worth £5.62 million will come to an end in January 2017 after a different company revealed it will now be taking up the contract for £5.32 million.

Turning Point’s managing director for public health, Mark Sheppard, expressed his ‘disappointment’ in a statement. He said, “We are disappointed that a service which has clearly been recognised for good practice by the CQC in their recent inspection report will no longer be provided by Turning Point due to the contract being awarded to another provider. We are proud of the service we leave behind and of our achievements. The report highlights the journey the service has been on and the quality not only of front line delivery but also the leadership and governance Turning Point have put in place. Whilst disappointed, we do however wish to see the continuation of a successful and effective substance misuse and alcohol service in Gloucestershire, and hope the new development bring benefit for both services users and the wider communities within the county.”

Extensive Reports

An extensive report highlighted that staff were both experienced and highly skilled; they were committed to their role even though they knew that it was going downhill. Staff acted in a ‘warm, positive and empathetic and supportive way’ towards clients, and waiting lists with a ten-day access time enforced by the council were always met. There were only two areas of improvement that were acknowledged in the report; these were that all areas that would be used for private consultations should be soundproofed to ensure that the patients information remains confidential and also that all health and safety risk assessments should be kept up to date and completed.

Essential Service

Director of public health at Gloucestershire County Council, Sarah Scott, said, “Earlier this year, we held a 12-week public consultation about our drugs and alcohol provision. The feedback we received showed a need for help to be easier to access, with a wider choice of locations to get support. We went out to competitive tender for a provider of the service that would help us to meet these requirements and CGL [Change, Grow, Live] won the contract for five years from January 2017. This is an essential service that will help provide vulnerable people, struggling with drugs and alcohol misuse, the support they need. Under the new contract, it will be easier for them to get help in more places across Gloucestershire, at a time to suit them. This is especially important for people who need help with jobs and families. I’d like to thank Turning Point for all their work over the last few years, and I’m looking forward to starting work with CGL in the new year.”

Help and Support for Drug Addiction

It is often tough to find a suitable provider for addiction, but if you are concerned about a loved one suffering from a drug addiction, do not hesitate to get in touch with us here at UKAT. We will ensure that your loved one receives the best support so that he or she can overcome their addiction in a safe and comfortable environment. Our staff are friendly and dedicated to helping the individual beat their drug addiction once and for all; our priority is to make sure that anyone who enters our clinic leaves free of a drug addiction and can go on to lead a healthy, happy life. If you require any further information or have any queries, then get in touch with us today, and we will help you in any way that we can.

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