Internet Addiction Being Led by Pornography and Gambling

27 April 2016

We often talk about Internet addiction in a joking manner. Some of us may even make self-deprecating comments about how...

Prince’s Secret Addiction to Prescription Medication

26 April 2016

Illegal drug addiction is a common problem, and even those that are not directly affected by drugs and addiction will be...

Heroin Addiction, HIV and Hepatitis C

25 April 2016

Heroin addiction is nothing new to most of us. Since the introduction of this dangerous drug to mainstream culture, ...

Gambling Addiction: New Self-Exclusion Rules Miss the Point

25 April 2016

In early April (2016), new Gambling Commission rules went into effect that is supposed to help prevent gambling addict...

The Unspoken Shame of Food Addiction

25 April 2016

Just about every kind of addiction comes with a measure of shame and guilt that only drives the addict deeper and de...

Dual Diagnosis Specialist Should Be Part of Every Rehab Programme

25 April 2016

Street pastor and activist Del Thomas has been busily working the streets of Southend collecting signatures on a pet...

Woman Raising Money for the Alcohol Rehab Charity That Saved Her Life

25 April 2016

Alcoholism and drug addiction are devastating illnesses affecting the lives of millions of people around the world. ...

Calls for New Global Strategy on Drugs

25 April 2016

Drug addiction continues to be a major problem for people around the world. Millions take illegal drugs every day be...

Eating Disorders Affecting Women with Diabetes

21 April 2016

Addiction is a mental health problem that affects many millions of people around the world. As well as the more typica...

NICE Issues New Guidelines for Safer Use of Prescription Drugs

21 April 2016

Most people think of illegal drugs such as cocaine or heroin when they hear the words ‘drug addiction’. They ass...

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