Does 12 Step Therapy Require Belief in God?

23 May 2016

Addiction is an illness that is often treated with 12 step therapy. The basis of 12-step work is something that many...

Families Tell of Heartbreak at Losing Sons to Drug Addiction

03 May 2016

Families dealing with a loved one’s addiction to substances such as alcohol or drugs will be desperate to encourag...

The Link Between Young Men and Gaming Addiction

28 April 2016

When it comes to addiction, most people’s thoughts turn to substances such as alcohol or drugs. Recent news of the de...

The Undeniable Importance of Attitude in Drug Rehab

27 April 2016

Two recent news stories that have been making the rounds should be very important to those involved in drug rehab – w...

Celebrities with Prescription Medication Addictions

27 April 2016

Drug addiction affects millions of people around the world, but contrary to what many believe, it is not always illegal...

Could Scientists Have Discovered Genes That Make People Prone to Addiction?

27 April 2016

There are many reasons people use chemical substances such as alcohol or drugs, and while not everyone who drinks alcoh...

How Drug Detox Can Give Teens a Second Chance

27 April 2016

Drug addiction is a major problem for people across the world and, unfortunately, it is not limited to adults. It is...

Cannabis Use and Inhalant Addiction Should Not Be Ignored

27 April 2016

The Liberal Democrat Party took up the idea of legalisation of cannabis during their 2016 Spring Conference. Although ...

Cannabis Addiction is Very Real

27 April 2016

Those who have never had any experience of cannabis addiction, or those who are campaigning for the drug to be legal...

Alcohol and Drug Interventions Are Tough Love at Its Finest

27 April 2016

At addiction counselling offices throughout the UK, professionals meet with family members to talk about the possibilit...

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