30 November 2018

Get the Help You Need Regardless of the Season

Christmas in rehab

Most people consider Christmas to be a time for festive fun and family gatherings, but for an addict, it’s a period during which they feel vulnerable and at risk. When everyone around seems so happy and full of excitement, you may feel lonely because, inside, you know things are not right.

Alcohol is everywhere, and indulgence is the theme. Some are casually using even cocaine and other drugs. For those battling eating disorders, the very knowledge that food will be a key focus, can lead to restriction, purging, bingeing and continual anxiety. Gamblers are running themselves into the ground trying to get that big win so no one finds out they lost the money for gifts. Shopping addicts are swinging from the highs of buying in excess, to the lows of realising that material things will not fill their void. Those struggling with prescription pill addiction are worrying about running out over the festive period.

All are praying silently that nobody will notice what they are doing and that they can cover up their illness for just a little while longer.

Your loved ones all see; even your kids sense it. Everyone is fearful and sad because they are worried about you and how you will cope over the festive period.

This Christmas, give your loved ones peace of mind and show them you are ready to make a change and get help now.

You might know your addiction is out of control, but even so, spending Christmas in rehab still seems like a miserable option for you. Perhaps it feels like a failure or something that can wait until you’ve had one last blow out. You know you’re struggling but there’s part of you that still wants to spend time with your friends, going out, enjoying time off work or education.

Are you trying to persuade a relative to go into rehab this December, but they’re objecting because it’s nearly Christmas?

Quite simply, addiction (just like any other illness) needs timely treatment. If you’re dependent on drugs, alcohol or a harmful addictive process, you are probably no longer in control. How much you use, how you act while under the influence – it has become unmanageable. How fast your illness will progress and the consequences it will cause are probably not in your hands.

UKAT rehabs operate all year round, including on Christmas Day.

Please do not wait for a ‘better’ time to start your addiction recovery. This belief is common with addictive disorders, but recovery cannot wait for a more convenient or quieter time.

Instead of worrying about your loved one going downhill over the festive period, help them go to a centre where they will be safe and getting the help they need so that you can all have the best start to the New Year and know there will be many happy Christmases to come.

Christmas at UKAT

For everyone who chooses to celebrate Christmas, we also like to observe tradition and have some fun. UKAT rehabs go the extra mile to create a welcoming environment, where our clients feel comfortable during their stay. If you are considering Christmas in rehab this year, please let us know if there’s anything more we can do to make you feel at home.

Geoff Mascall, manager at Primrose Lodge, explains some of the Christmas traditions: “We do some extra family time in the morning so people can speak to their kids when they’re opening presents at home, we try to make the day as festive as possible with decorations, fun and presents. We have our therapeutic groups as normal, as well as drama and music therapy. We enjoy a fantastic Christmas lunch prepared by our wonderful in-house chefs. This year, we’re opening our doors to a couple of our former clients, who would otherwise be having lunch on their own.

“UKAT is a family and none of our family should be alone at Christmas.”

Don’t wait until next year to get on the right track, starting your journey now is the ultimate way to put your recovery first!

To speak to UKAT about addiction treatment including detox and rehab, please,

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seasons greetings from ukat

Being present- the best present you can give this Christmas


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