Dear Dad – Worker, Entertainer, Addiction Survivor – I Wish you Love on Father’s Day

16 June 2019

On Father’s Day, we’re sharing a letter from Lizzie, 42 to her father Harry, 71. They have both been in addictio...

Love Addiction – Identify the Signs

18 April 2019

Love addiction may not seem dangerous to some – but for people who develop this process addiction, it can caus...

Are You an Impulsive Addict? Take Our Impulsivity Test

17 March 2019

Is addiction an illness or a choice? This question has been fiercely debated over the years. Proponents for the disease ...

Chemsex – the Drugs and Sex Subculture in the Gay Community

26 October 2018

Brian Paddick, the former deputy assistant commissioner of the Metropolitan police, have spoken out movingly about the d...

Addiction Intervention: Helping Your Loved One

10 April 2017

Living with someone with an addiction, whatever that addiction might be, is not easy. And as their addiction progresses,...

Addiction Intervention – The Earlier, the Better

20 March 2017

The timing of an addiction intervention is an issue that frequently comes into question for the family and friends of ad...

When to Consider an Addiction Intervention for a Loved One

27 February 2017

When a loved one is affected by addiction, it can be heart-breaking to watch them destroy their lives, knowing that ...

Mother Sees Car Crash as an Unusual Addiction Intervention

25 August 2016

When it comes to addiction, the family members of those affected often suffer terribly. They will be under immense p...

Why an Addiction Intervention Will Not Work for Everyone

24 May 2016

One of the most effective ways of encouraging a loved one to get help for a drug or alcohol addiction is with an add...

Alcohol and Drug Interventions Are Tough Love at Its Finest

27 April 2016

At addiction counselling offices throughout the UK, professionals meet with family members to talk about the possibilit...

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